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    • In regards to waypoints: Returning to an old town, that we took a bit ago, waypoints were still all over. When an MS goes down, the MSPAWN way point doesn't seem to be removed. Changing MLs and having MS, the 'MSPAWN' disappears (or never appeared), and ML can't even see on MS waypoint on map. Because of the above, not seeing waypoint, the ML is unable to delete their own MS.
    • Current bugs / Issues found for Patch 1.36.5:
      #1 Way point Spam / Visible from other missions, Way points too large, deleting all way points does not work, Disabling the option in preferences does not work or save.   (Remedy, set as tool tips to help new players, Set to the top of the screen, so its out of your face)  #2 Unstable Ping, jumps between 60 - 500+, causing 30+ second delays in game.
      #3 Mass placing of sandbags, and running along them causes your FPS to go from 120 down to 4 FPS, with a ping spike up to 1500.
      #4 Trench building, a little too slow for building, Also the blocking points are too large, could have a player within a 30 foot circle of you and block you from building, including behind   (Solution, remove blocking radius)
      #5 STG-44 When fired, you can see through the rifle's Bolt section.   STG-44 can fire through solid trench walls.
      #6 Trenches prevent players from deploying LMG / ATR along walls and certain areas of the floor. Possibility to prevent players from undeploying said weapon.
      #7 Crash to Desktop after despawn
      #8 Hurricane kills
      #9 Not all units are rendering (Increasing unit count in options does not work)
      #10 Invisible Tracers / explosions from other units
      #11 Audio Bugs from other units firing
        Currently all bugs and issues myself and others have experienced. Feel free to add more or affirm certain bugs / issues you're also experiencing.
    • "is it boring?"   Yes, it's why I switched. 
    • As modeled, it's a joke. Like shooting an automatic  BB rifle lol, no recoil. nothing.
    • Personally, I had no problem with the old waypoint system. Current system with every one of them showing in headsup is annoying at best and could be a real pain in the butt, especially if it starts to get me killed if they hide something or someone that I otherwise would have seen in time enough to avoid that ET or EI, or maybe kill them first. I agree with Krazydog, needs to be a way to turn them on & off when spawned into the game, if they are to stay.
    • This is great stuff. However: It wouldn't be fair to adjust this gun for modeling accuracy based on this kind of first-person-experience testing/reporting, unless CRS could similarly adjust all weapons in the same class. Would CRS have the data to do that? We know, I think, that some of the modeled weapons have shooting characteristics that are basically made up for balance reasons. If those balance considerations all were removed as part of a real-experience audit, would there be enough adjustment points available to get the game back to marketable balance? Not that I think it applies in the current instance, but in the general case, how would CRS verify that community-provided information of this kind wasn't affected by side bias?
    • I spent about an 2 hours offline at the range with it.  IMHO I find the "feel" very generous. I have a Legend Series AKS with match trigger with a chrome lined bull barrel. I also have it tweaked by a gun smith on the trigger pull and hold. However my AKS is heavy, about 8 pounds, mb 10 loaded.  What I find very similar to the two is the ballistics are very similar. That part of the StG44 ingame with my AK is very similar.  However the ingame StG44 recoil and flash  is about half of my AKS and my AK has a longer barrel than the StG44. Its about 6 inches longer than a standard AK47. The accuracy in game is what you would expect out to the 400m mark. I spent quite some time using it as a single shot.  You can only hold aim for a very short period of time before the sway kicks in and if you hold for just a bit longer your aim starts being effected by the ocean tide. Snap shots yielded really good results. IE not holding but a  half second to aim... the post is thin so you don't hide the target with it, The G43 lovers tend to pop off two shots quickly will love this gun. This worked real well.    I tested using 4 respawns for ammo at 1-200m  5 at 30m and around 9 respawns for ammo at the 400m mark. I did 2 respawns for ammo for the farthest target, did not take much to tell me all I needed to know at that range. At 100m semi or full auto put all the 30 into the 7 ring or better..  hardly any difference getting all the rounds into the black out to about 300m with very FEW in the white overall. 300m Full auto each mag usually had 27 out of 30 in the black on average. 400m that dropped to about 20-25, in the black, 5-10 in the white and one or two outside the white. The outside the target usually where do to first shot too low or last 1 or 2 above.  This is full auto.. though to be fair I did not get much better results shooting singles. However aim a touch low if you go full auto out to 200m. The gun will ride up, but the recoil WILL NOT make  your rounds from go wild like the SMGs or BAR ingame. The cone of dispersion is small at those ranges.  30 round mag full auto  bullet path is about 4-6 inches wide and rides straight up about as high as the size of white circle at 400m. I set up some avatars at the 800m or what ever the furthest targets are at the gun range. I used a Garand to see if I could even hit them at that range. Set up 8 hit 4 with my garand set at 600m.  So with the StG44... I set up 8 avatars and my best was 2 hits out of 30 rounds semi auto. I tried full, out of 9 mags manages to hit 3 in total which was the best I could manage - no good on full auto.  Ill get to that in a bit.   So my take is. The StG44 is very nicely modelled. It looks great.  It feels really good to shoot, but I find its dispersion, recoil, and flash very generous. Even if its heavier, it does not mean the recoil should be less, its a top gas piston with a heavier bolt than my match grade AKS.. I would expect the recoil to be similar to atleast my AKS, instead it feels like shooting one of my ARs.  The flash, I hardly noticed.. I do notice in RL my AK flash. The rounds are very similar. Pros: - ATM ingame Accuracy (recoil withstanding) seems about dead on judging from being an AK fan an owner for over 28 years. The front post site width is IMHO what all the front post sites should be on all the riffles.  Its very similar to the with of my ghost ring sites on some of my riffles, very similar to my buddies BAR sites, My cousins M1 Carbine, K98, and a touch thinner than his Mosin Nagant. It feels good and not hide your target out to 300m. The cone of dispersion is very small out to 400m on full auto. You will fill your target with lead. The recoil ATM is very small, by the time your next round has fired your sites are pretty much back aligned on target. Very little muzzle flash. Cons: The gun has fixed sites. I kept hitting my ranging keys to see if the sites existed though I could not see them.  TBH I think this is INCORRECT, I am almost positive the STG44 had adjustable sites. Seems like a very short time before the sway kicks in. I did not find any noticeable difference between the start of the sway regardless if you are laying down, kneeling or standing up. There might be, but I certainly did not notice.
    • hi everyone !

      i am just here to say that i love the new toys in the game !!  really nice job to crs about all this!

      i really love the trenches - i already made at least 4 trench fortresses  

      stg44 is also really good, very effective from long range 

      thank you once again rats

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