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    • Again you have double standards and are being hypocritical, you don't have an auto ammo counter in WW2 for every gun or a green bar when you are tired LMAO... Your crew 1 has been hit xD, An enemy tower that you can't kill the enemy soldier by shooting on the head or where he ignores you if you are not directly infront of him... Can't you admit you being a little pathetic with aurgmenting realistic features in game that isn't a full realistic representation of WW2 and are  option to bypass? Yea i am pretty sure every player shooting some other thing would really find their day unfun when the thing they are trying to stop presses the bypass button. IDDQD What do you have against pressing a button? You want a hardware lever in your pc to turn right or left in tank, a dedicated hardware gunsight to adjust your gun and do you want to go prone in front of your PC so you can go prone ingame? You are playing with a keyboard you interact with the game by pressing buttons  Have you ever played one of the most basic games rock, paper, scissors everything has a counter or a possible solution, having dead ends as in decisions(like you reach a door it's locked you loose the game...)this is something to be avoided. Have you ever played any game besides this one.. repair mechanisc or even other solution like towing tanks are common practices even in realistic game like Steel fury..
    • @chaoswzkd If you only looked at EWS and not about having more targets to bombers.   I would even simplify it even more and make it easier to implement just by adding more delays or even no EWS the further you are from a side owned city.. Kinda modeling some fog of war at least for air.  
    • @merlin51 First you are replying just for the sake of replying.. 1 - Are you a programmer? everything can be implemented it is only a matter of resources and time. I have had bugs that work exactly like this you didn't flush the input and you were always turning. I haven't seen the code of this game but everything I know makes me believe this is easy. The fact that you can already set convergences and different keys to individual units makes this even more likely that the cost of implementing is small. 2 - This is a game most people can't dedicate hours and hours to a game, the few times or a day I can, I want to feel that time spent there was well spent. Give me a option to repair and I'm ok with. I already posted before repair tracks were done in active battlefields.. it was a bad and dangerous idea but it could and was done.. But you should leave that decision to the player. If he chooses to call a truck to repair his tank, that truck might be taken out or even attract more enemies to his position but if a truck can make it to the player and repair it that means the enemy doesn't pose a threat to him on that zone of the battlefield a.k.a safe area. 3 - Then why do we have points at all? You are just being hypocritical ...   Why don't I ask for a repair mechanic or for towing to tanks, it's because this has been asked many times I understand the position and the limited resources CRS has... so all of these seem easy to implement and would have positive effects that would make it worth their cost. It's better to have a less frustrating tank game now, than have to wait for years for a badly needed mechanic playing with the same frustration, you are just exposing more players to negatives aspects of the game.
    • After 10 or so years of being away - I went through the password recovery system just so I could post lol on this thread. It's like nothing has changed at all, even the game itself! It's great to see some of the old names here in this very thread that were posting way back on day one/ish... whenever that was. Anyway, carry on.  
    • The track is broke or it aint, and you get instant visual feedback right out the drivers viewport because the tank doesn't move right any more.
      Track isnt the only breakable piece of mobility component on the vehicle. Gun taken out, you find out when you pull the trigger which is much kinder and gentler than what real life my hand you in that you find out after you pull the trigger and the round jams in the guntube and maybe blows the gun up in your face.

      I dont think too many tank crews in WWII said in the middle of a firefight..
      Hey, we arent moving right, i think a track may be busted, hey harry go hop out and look at the track? my damage control indicator panel isnt working
      and i cant get engineering on the comms. option to bypass?
      Yea i am pretty sure every player shooting some other thing would really find their day unfun when the thing they are trying to stop presses the bypass button.
    • Wow I'd forgotten about this... But in answer to jwilly, that simply isn't true. 1 hit from bofors on single engine plane is devastating. A 2nd will take it out. Rare that it takes more than 2 hits(but it does happen). More likely to disable or bring down in 1 hit than to need 3 in my experience. Plus the 1 hit will make the plane hard to steer, if it stays up at all. Plus the idea is to emulate the firepower of the Laffy, so you would need several bofors. Ive flown into flak traps with several bofors...don't usually live long. Add to that close range 20 or 25mm guns...would be very cool in my opinion. Plus the TT is just there for fire support, along with a few fairmiles. The goal would be to sink the DD. Plus now we have the perfect plane to use that would resemble most kamikaze...the Hurricane F/B with 250 pound bombs. They're pretty weak bombs so it would take quite a few to sink a DD. This would be an awesome re-enactment.
    • There are no "Sticky Keys" to toggle on or off
      Any unit in game, upon switching positions (or death of that position) continues the last given input, if it is a repeating input.
      It is a global thing, part of the game controls function.
      So you can remove it, which removes it for everyone and all units, or you can keep it. Everyone has done it (left a commander or turret spinning in the wind), i dont think anyone has consistently done it enough that it's some kind of problem.
      You can't possibly be doing it that much?
        I am pretty sure that any time a player came across an enemy tank that they knew they could not kill outright, but hoped they could at least stop if from making it to town would notice really fast that they could not even track the thing

      Oh look, there is a Matilda, and i am a PZIIIf or PAK 36, darn i can not kill it, Say! Just Maybe...
      ...I can stop it from ever making it to the attack!

      Tiger moving in on our guys, and all i have is this R35, but hey, i have lots of HE round and i am close enough
      maybe i can stop it before it gets in firing range and then hide before it finds me Oh wait thats right, someone removed it from game so i cant even try to do jack but watch it roll on by.

      Yea does not sound like much fun.
      Lots of tanks were taken out of the fight in WWII just by stopping them from moving.
      Hell most anti tank mines were mostly only capable of detracking (not all obviously) You notice and get rewarded when you see that the enemy tank isnt making it to the attack.
      Maybe that feels like no reward for you, but for others it is.
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