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    • HEAVY265

      Hells Gate   03/24/2019

      Break through the lines, and enter Hells Gate!!! This will be the next CRS organized event.  Lead by the High command from each side.
      Free Premium Access for the event
      Date: 3/30/19 Time: 11:00 AM Server time/ 12:00pm EST/ 1600 GMT

Squad Rat Chats

This announcement is no longer active


We will be having an Axis Squad and Allied Squad Rat Chat next month. 

Please join us for a meeting with @XOOM @HATCH and @OHM to touch base with the Rats to go on a QA session. 

Axis Squad Chat - July 28, 2018 2pm Server Time

Allied Squad Chat - July 29, 2018 2pm Server Time.