Blitz Kader is a elite AXIS squad that thrives on denying the allies any ground.The squad is huge on teamwork and FUN!! and well recognized by both sides. This squad consist of players mostly from the US and Canada, We have current and retired military members,so  If you are looking forward to rolling a panzer column, forward recon, some airborne drops, and being aggressive on the battlefield, grab a beer and join the fight with BLITZ KADER!!!

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Do you guys drink while playing? I'm looking to join a squad and enjoy a few glasses of wine while I play.

I'm not a veteran of the game. I'm an ok Rifleman and machine gunner

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FOLKS...  If anyone has anything special happen in their squad this week, please let me know.  I'm helping the Rats gather some squad items to start being included in their weekly news, which will be released on Fridays.  Thanks!







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Not going to lie,, map looks like [censored] at the moment... We took a risk at the start and it didnt work out.  But, it's not over.  Axis need some BK lovin' to get things turned around! )


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Nice write up Dunny!  Wish I'd seen it first, would've saved me a few hours.  Only one thread per squad I guess.  which is fine, just making sure I'm not missing a tab ))

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Dunny's rat chat recap covers some great stuff.

To tack on, there were a few things that Victarus mentioned that to me are pretty freaking awesome.

1. Post-Steam launch, priority is flipping over to integrated voice comms. Spawn in- mission based channel voice chat, a3d local chat. Command/control channels, area target channels

2. Terrain. He mentioned that there are resources coming on for terrain. One main issue with terrain, and lack of updates to terrain over the past 7+ years, is the terrain editor tool. What wasn't discussed n the chat was that the legacy terrain editor was so obliterated that it was determined to be unusable/DOA. However, Hatch found a version of the terrain editor that appears to be intact, so that will be undergoing testing (post-Steam launch I assume), and there has been a glimmer of hope that the legacy terrain will be able to be updated if the editor is indeed usable again, i.e. doesn't blow everything up in the process. Really huge freaking deal for the legacy terrain. I'm hoping to be able to help on that if it indeed comes back to a usable state.

There was also mention on the Rat Chat that new terrain will be coming, overhauling/replacing the legacy because of...

3.  Unreal engine. I hope that is the 2.0 release. Gotta be a few years away though given the need to keep the game alive via Steam and Amazon Game platforms. But all future development will have Unreal engine in mind, and all new art should be Unreal compatible. There have been some art shots from Xoom to highlight that, new hands I believe were shown...

Xoom gave Victarus some crap about revealing all of their secrets, but he skirted around giving up the real info. 




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I listened to the long Rat Chat.  Unlike others it included slides and talk by over half dozen leaders.  there is still a problem with the technology and it was ragged, but informative.  I concluded the main purpose was to pass on Bad news:  1.36 is delayed until AFTER Steam.  Reading between the lines the development is slow.  I am not upset, any business should keep its cash flow items as top priority.

The rest of the presentation was to show how hard they are working and all of the items in the pipeline.  these are all well known and aren't happening fast, unsurprisingly with a volunteer work force.

The new info to me:

  • When you see people flying through the air and zipping all over it is because of THEIR internet connection, not the game.  They do not see it, just the observers.  Reminds me of the General Theory of Relativity.
  • Netcode 3 uses UDP which does not have error correction that the former system had.  So, it is faster but not tolerant of dirty internet signals.  
  • So, there are two performance issues on your ISP:  Speed and Quality of transmission.
  • the new mobile AA guns, Italians, Armor and ballistics are all independent of 1.36 and will be implemented as they are ready.
  • The existing HC structure will be with us until after Steam
  • The in game communications system seems to have a focus on the total attack without regard to squad.  Junior, you may wish to inquire as to how squads will be handled.  Seems like the trend is to base comms on everyone on a particular attack and not a squad.
  • Wiki is being updated as is the training, which will no longer be optional.
  • Overall, most of the info was a retread with lots of old info  deflecting attention from the slow development of 1.36.  But, overall the game is much healthier, so I am not disappointed.
  • Unreal Engine 4 will be used going forward.  This is major.  It means the graphics will ultimately meet modern standards.  All current development is going to be compatible for the full implementation.
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10 hours ago, fsjr02 said:

Welcome guys, will try to post ops here too, ok:popcorn:

Roger that.


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