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      RAT Chat Sunday 12/8 3pm server time!!!!   12/07/2019

      CRS is working overtime preparing and setting up the NEW SERVERS at the Portland colocation. This Sunday, December 8th, at 3:00 pm CST/9:00 pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). XOOM and the RATs are hosting a live chat discussing the move, and what services will be temporarily impacted in the process. Live chat link will be provided in discord channels when available. We look forward to chatting with you!

Formed in honor of the CO and XO's grandfather, who served in the Pathfinders (8th division) in World War 2, this squad tends to attract players who focus on the fundamentals:  defending towns by defending the CPs.  They are often first on scene and last to leave.  While other players can be found engaged in apparently random activity, the Pathfinders can be found making sure the enemy doesn't capture a spawn in town. They employ advanced tactics most other players are unaware exist.

Though primarily defensive, you will often see their players on the offensive, and there is no squad rule against that. Pathfinders play ground, air, and sea.

There are very few squad requirements. Exception:  crude language is not permitted, and neither is any other conduct (eg, flaming other players on side channel) that does not give due respect to the memory of real soldiers who fought and fight still.

The Pathfinders don't boss each other around because if you're in the Pathfinders, you already know what needs to be done, and you are doing it.

Website:  www.warpath.us

Find PFMosquito (CO) or Xohorvath (XO) in game to join. Email PFM at mosquito@warpath.us

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Someone from PF please get in touch with me.  I'd like to feature your CO in an upcoming Community Report.









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Good job Pathfinders! An extremely well-fought (and hard-fought) campaign on all of our parts. We had some great tanking (daokoth1 and dougyfarm especially, while pfmosquito had a 88 kill-sortie), great teamwork, and as usual amazing infantry play. The Axis will always have a hard time taking a CP if a Pathfinder is around, and with two around virtually impossible. Their main hope at that moment is that our skeleton crew is logged off then.

Pathfinder members were-

#2 Allied Rifleman and overall Rifleman (unless nily caught smoothie at the end, not sure)

#1, #2, & #3 Allied SMG and overall SMG

#1 & #3 Allied LMG

#1 & #3 Allied Semi-Auto

Congratulations chimm on becoming a Rat, and also nily for managing to stay allied the whole campaign. Daokoth and fracku are going axis, so I'll be looking for them in my kill lists.


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Plan on it starting in the evening (for the Americans at least), at around 8PM ETD

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10 hours ago, pfmosquito said:

Looking for Squad Night tomorrow, hope to see a lot of us on.

Any specific time, or all day?

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FOLKS...  If anyone has anything special happen in their squad this week, please let me know.  I'm helping the Rats gather some squad items to start being included in their weekly news, which will be released on Fridays.  Thanks!







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