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      Hells Gate   03/24/2019

      Break through the lines, and enter Hells Gate!!! This will be the next CRS organized event.  Lead by the High command from each side.
      Free Premium Access for the event
      Date: 3/30/19 Time: 11:00 AM Server time/ 12:00pm EST/ 1600 GMT
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Fattank here.been a long time..I was thinking of downloading the game and hop on.. Hope everyone doing well.

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YES gunner  we are still active-- S! buddy what you been up to?  get back in game bud, there is a free 2 play if money is tight, so you can still play.

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Miss the old days?


My old 505th video 10 years ago, Not much of Icehous in there cause he was busy lone wolfing it and picking people off :)

But u can see him in the factory raid and base defense flyby shot.



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