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The 31st Wrecking Crew is a combined arms squad that focuses on land-air-sea coordination in a relaxed and laid-back squad atmosphere. Founded by Plastic in March, 2001 and led by ZZ the 31st has always been home to flamboyant leaders, Axis commanders-in-chief, glory seekers, all-around scoundrels, Luftwaffe aces, propagandists, playboys, grizzled veterans, and forum prima donnas alike. The one common thread binding this motley crew of misfits together is that only this squad will guarantee to get you to Paris in 24 Hours! Come rain or shine, advance or retreat, only the 31st will make you famous in the process. Do you want to be famous?


31st Wrecking Crew - "We'll Make You FAMOUS!"


------ Fly With Honor, Fight With Courage, Die With Dignity - Paris in 24 Hours! ------

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On 3/10/2019 at 9:07 PM, bitore said:

Hey guys is zz back ?

Hey bitore, missed your post. ZZ is still on a LOA, but everything is being well cared for on his R&R break :)

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Any squad action tonigth Friday March 1st?  Me l0lproof and tibets on later.  Maybe bedhed.

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