We are one of the oldest LW squadrons of WWIIOL, and are proud to carry the name of JG 2 Richthofen.  During campaign we only play LW as a group. Historically, JG2 Richthofen was one of the rare Luftwaffe units that campaigned in France from the first day of the Blitzkrieg to the end of the German Occupation. Having fought exclusively on the Western Front, JG2 was not an ace factory. It had, however, a great impact in the air war during the war, being credited with at least 2700 confirmed kills, most of them in the West. 


This image, "Tough day," by James Dietz, symbolizes best the resilience of our squadron. It was been here in WWIIOL since its early days, and witnessed (and contributed) to its glory days. And even when the times were tough, we lifted, we never abandoned the hope that the skies will be blue again. Or even on a day to day, mission to mission basis, we have the same attitude. We will lift, even if the skies are full of EA, with only a handful of us to oppose them. !S to all -friends and foes- from JG2. 

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FOLKS...  If anyone has anything special happen in their squad this week, please let me know.  I'm helping the Rats gather some squad items to start being included in their weekly news, which will be released on Fridays.  Thanks!







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2 hours ago, sajuk said:

Yes JG2 is aktiv in the game S!

I sent a request in.

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Dam now that's motivational, goin to the recruiting office now to re enlist S!

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