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  1. If people are still pulling the plug, I swear to god....
  2. Yup... Realtek onboard S/PDIF and no problems for me.
  3. How many cores? I never got more than one core going with a 2 core CPUs. Wasn't until I went 4 core (today, by neccesity) that I got more than 1x core utilized.
  4. My Great Great Grandfather took that picture. It makes me mad because that has been cropped, converted to black and white, then recolorized. However, that is the picture my great grandfather Larry Keighley took, in full color on one of the USS Iowa's gun turrets. We have 2 full color prints signed by my great grandfather. A historic moment. I'll see if I can get a proper picture online.
  5. Pretty Sure all AMD chips pre Athlon 64 don't support SSE2.. Just checked, and wikipedia confirms.
  6. I can only go up to 1920x1080. Using max quality, 35 without binos, 50 with.
  7. Performing Lutorm's test, I get a gain of 7 FPS when looking through binos (53 to 60 FPS). Post of full system specs again. AMD Athlon 2 x 2.8 GHZ (Windsor Core) XFX Raoden 4850 512 MB with catalyst 10.2 4 Gigs ram Windows 7 64 bit And the more effects I turn on, the greater the disparity gets... from 35-50 if I enable Post-rendering, normal maps, etc.
  8. Looking at speedtrees (the densest pocket I could find) and looking through binocs, I got 45 FPS and 100% GPU usage. That doesn't change the fact that looking at the antwerp Benchmark I get 20 FPS and 0% GPU usage (until I press ~ to bring up my mouse, then it goes to 20ish%, about the same used for the menu screens) *edit* with 10.2 drivers on a 4850
  9. Yeah, it's definitely weak compared to the NVIDIA cards. Mcketten's rig from here Swap out the GTS250 for a 4850, and the 3.0 Ghz for a 2.8 Ghz and thats identical to my rig. I'm struggling to get 20FPS looking at the Antwerp benchmark, and showing little to no activity on the GPU with ATI Tray tools or the Catalyst control center. He doesn't mention his OS, but I'm using Windows 7, 64 bit.
  10. I'm finding it interesting that when I use the overlay from ATI Tray Tools that when I'm at the first spawn screen, my GPU usage is bouncing between 11-22%. When I do a .benchantwerp and spawn in, it drops like a rock and sits at 0%, never budges. When I despawn to the unit selection screen, it returns to 11-22%. I've tested it out with Mass Effect 2 and it seems to give solid readings (<100% when it's bumping into Vsync, spikes 100% when the FPS drop below 60). Just seems strange that in what should be a graphically intensive scene it's sitting with it's thumb up it's silicon bum.
  11. AMD Dual Core Optimizer. Corrects the CPU timing issue which causes the game to flicker from night/day really fast.