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  1. I've been playing with 512 for ages. It runs a bit choppy sometimes but I doubt that is why my map doesnt work and the screen is shifted to the left.
  2. OK, I downloaded a security update and the game runs now but I cant zoom in or out with the map at any screen whether I'm in game or out. Also my screen is shifted over to the left like an inch when I'm in game.
  3. Forgive me for not being surprised but my game doesn't work since I DLed the new version. It loads up until that little red bar is fills up then the screen goes black and I CTD. 512MB ram 1.42GHz Mac Mini OSX 10.4.9 Not sure what video card I have, it's whatever comes with a power pc mac mini.
  4. [Please raise a support issue if you have problems, do not use the support forums for anything other than that]
  5. I really wish this freaking game would work. Here is what console says when I try to start the game: WW2OL Started rnmainInit failed! App was not able to initialize!
  6. Ummmm this new patch that came out today once gain totally ruined my game. Whenever I try to log in my game makes it to that little red meter that fills up but it only fills up about an inch and then I CTD. Is anyone else having this problem? Or does anyone have any idea what the problem is? I thought maybe the update didn't work so i deleted the game and tried a full download and it still doesn't work. The last thing it tries to load before it crashes is the "initializing sound" thing.
  7. 1.25 does not work with 10.3 I had to go out and buy Tiger to keep playing.
  8. I switched from 16 to 32 but colour and it started working. Now the only problem I'm having is the horrible FPS compared to before the patch.
  9. I switched from 16 to 32 bit colour and it works now.
  10. I switched from 16 to 32 and it started workin:)
  11. I switched from 16 to 32 and it started working
  12. My screen is also going black when I try to start the game. It was working fine until I changed the screen resolution and now the game just goes to a black screen. I tried the different resolutions in the start up menu but it has no affect. I deleted the app and reinstalled it but i am having the same problem.
  13. I changed my screen resolution with the in game menu and now whenever I try to start the game the screen goes black and nothing happens. I tried changing the resolution in the start up menu but it doesn't work. My game worked fine before I changed the resolution but now I get nothing but a black screen. I even tried deleting the game and re-installing it to no avail. Can anyone help me with this?
  14. Whenever I try and run the game the screen goes completely black and i can't do anything? Can anyone hellp me out with this? I just went out and bought Tiger for the sole purpose of playing this game and I can't wait to get back in.
  15. I am having the same problem as sensei. When I try to play the game on or offline the screen just goes black and nothing happens. I'm running Tiger.