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  1. S! Sign me up for UK Commando please
  2. Just to clarify this is an open invite to all UK/Euro BE pilots who might be thinking about or planning to come to Duxford Flying Legends.
  3. S! BE Pilots JG51 are planning a minicon/meetup for the Flying Legends Airshow at RAF Duxford Cambridgeshire on 9th/10th July. All those interested in attending, please pm Bubi.
  4. Came into play today, when selecting Campaign, the login screen hangs on "Connecting to Patch Server" - 30 minute wait - nothing else happened, it looks quite stuck. Any advice?
  5. Question to the experts (I'm not a technical person). Is it better to turn off things like GPU accelration and Antialiasing or is it better to select "application controlled"? ? Thanks in advance.
  6. Anyone ? I can't believe it's just me struggling with this?
  7. Good suggestion ...now what can I do to stop it porking meh FPS ;-) I know put duct tape over the FPS bit and write a really high number on it ?
  8. Does anyone know how to turn the Lat/Long town info bar in the HUD off.... It's very annoying. I imagine its eating some FPS as well. Any ideas?
  9. S! Nico Come visit us on our site at www.jg51molders.com, if you have Teamspeak 3 the login details are on our site. Feel free to join us on TS, or post on our public forums, say hi to the guys. We would be more than happy to have you along and to help out. I'm cc'ing the Ops officer and CO so they can say hi if they see you online. Look out for JG51 guys like: Teetwo Ch53e S4murai Tryfac3 Mundi Jgray bubi who can tell you more about JG51 and help you along. Thanks for the message. Bubi
  10. I just got this too. Lost chat connection. Relogged the game to get red padlocks, tried exit and partial reboot with Alt f4 then ful reboot - red padlocks. Restarted system - red padlocks. Help please. Regards bubi
  11. Can the interface be changed so that each persona of a player has the ability to join 1 squad per persona? i.e. Air Persona- Jg51 Army Persona - KGW and so on...? It would allow new players to learn each discipline in the comfort of a squad. It opens possibilities of players playing more "organised" squad nights in a week and maybe getting more players online ore often.
  12. Can we get the "In-Game" time on some of the Side/Brig/Mission screens please.