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  1. you can if there is an fb ..but they still get garrison supply at the cp and while they would loose any fms's from that fb unlike the attackers fb's you can't spawn in to defend the fb you've just flipped....
  2. It would still be different than before as capturing the ab....doesn't get rid of the the garrison so you can still cap back cp's and use them I'd go further and say perhaps you shouldn't lose anything in town except the ability to spawn at the AB... if there were extra brigades already in town they don't get bounced until the whole town is taken (or at a bare minimum the AB and all the linked CP's ) … It's the Magical influx...and disappearance of troops that I really think should change.
  3. sorry, weejockey was ruled offside by VAR
  4. I've said for a long time that tier rotation should be separate from the campaign, it should be set on a loop all on its own, so all tiers get equal time regardless.
  5. yes i kow they are having trouble I lent one of my accounts out the other day when somebody couldn't get on with theirs BUT volunteers isn't an excuses when comes to dealing with other peoples money.. it just isn't. i'm more pissed about being told Im overreacting when somebody has take £30 quid from one of the accounts I pay for... You dont think I actually need them all do you.
  6. That was at the end of September beginning of October ....they double billed me at the beginning of December. and if CRS Know they are double billing customers they should be checking for it....not waiting on the off chance customer's discover it themselves .... even an email to customers advising them to check their accounts would have been somthing ..I still lost money as they didn't take into account the cost of paying from abroad....and well, billing error or not if somebody takes my money when the should't billing error or not I've a right to be annoyed about it....and at the very least a get proper apology... not that "thanks for your patients" BS
  7. meant west coast lol (or as people on discord would say "that's mouse east".) Im in the UK.
  8. I've noticed that my ping has gone up about a third, were I was stable green at about 120 I'm now stable amber at about 160, is that because the severs are now all the way over on the west coast, or is there something else going on.
  9. on that note, the original Ts3 overlay plugin has conflicts with the latest vision of windows 10 and having to run over wolf or playclaw just to use an overkill. It's time for a change.
  10. Its almost impossible to use later tier British armoured equipment or anti tank guns after the Americans are in because of the lack of divisions and the limited time they spend in critical front line towns. now while I understand this is probably in-part due to the lack of a semi auto rifle, but as the later tier French armoured equipment is the same as the Americans perhaps its time for a workaround say have the French also use the later Churchill and the French or Americans use the brit 17 pounder for variety, as it stands now, theirs a heap of later tier stuff that just doesn't get used because its effectively inaccessible.
  11. 100% aggree A good set of stereo headpones will blast away any 5.1 hedpones around conbine them with a good soundcard and your hot to trot if you want a set with a mic boom you could check out the senhiser pc 350s but remember, good stereo headsets take a good few days for their drivers to burn in, so don't expect quality sound the first day .. couple them with somthing like an x-fi titanium series sound card, and you'll have a real nice audio system
  12. why not just use a ps2 keyboard
  13. Thanks mouse, Just what the doctor orded... Or would be if i could get it to work sadly I can't get the "Joyids" tool to work with vista