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  1. Well Done!
  2. I'll go Squad 2 with Delems crew
  3. I like the way the SB and NB look like a Magazine and gun on the 1st one.
  4. Buy more Ram The only service you will ever pay for and get total satisfaction is a visit to a brothel.
  5. Thanks for this tip! before: 69 30 21 after 72 30 21 put AA to 8x 65-71 36-38 23-24 I tried all other AA setting 8x was best for me. no overclocking gtx470 icore7 something or other GHZ 6gigs of fancy ram sabretooth mobo with flashing lights 3x 24 samsung 24" displays
  6. that did the trick thanks I knew it was something lik ethat
  7. the game loads in the right screen instead of centre my other game loads fine. any solutions?
  8. ok so now it works, did'nt change anything maybe the computer needed a reboot which I don't think I did yesterday but just tried loading it up now and it works....
  9. I posted in the bug forum no one replied.
  10. except all my other games and wwiiol opened in the prioper window before the patch. nothing has changed except the patch.
  11. resolution is set.
  12. I have Triple head to go 3 monitors now game satrts in monitor 3 and other 2 screens centre and left show nothing. well done.
  13. well I just installed win7 did the compatibilty thing and the mouse cursor worked but then I chnaged ingame settings like clutter and mapped some keys now I get the error message and the game does'nt load anymore.. **** WINDOWS
  14. I reinstalled and same problem then I rebooted and it worked....