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  1. Ok fighting Namur today we have every flag but sambreville depot including both abs and we own sambreville still axis are able to spawn at that depot then we lose andenne depot but sambreville back / axis own andenne but we have the fb but still they are able to make a mission at andenne cp and spawn there even though we own both abs and the fb??? that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen …... STOP CHANGING THE RULES FFS
  2. Same here I can not play anything but inf
  3. Why do we have 2 ao when there are only like 12 allies on?? What determines the numbers of ao total game population???
  4. Just my opinion but they are no better than what we had and a waste of time and money sorry Rats.... Malvoc out....
  5. Me and Dubane will be the California:D multi crew monsters baby
  6. All day it has been booting me at launch screen saying network error#1 authentication failed i need help cant get in game at all.