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  1. Well by dumb luck I set windows and game resolution both on 1280x1024 resolution and no reboot after I end game. geesh.
  2. I unistalled the game so I cold try to login and manually update the game instead of downloading the large update file and when I try to login it says....."unable to connect". Getting close to saying fk it and moving on to something that I don't have to jump thru hoops to play.
  3. Lol, now when I log into game, my mouse is inverted and screwed up. When I alt tab out of game, my Windows desk top is UPSIDE DOWN, lol. When I "end task" after ctrl, alt, delete.....Windows turns back to normal.
  4. Since I turned off windows auto reboot, a blue screen with verbage comes up after I close out game with this message..... I then must hit power button and cpu shuts off, then I power it back up.
  5. One other question.....I turned off windows firewall and also, when I think of it, McAfee firewall, but don't notice a difference with McAffee firewall on or off. Is there a difference or is it no longer required to turn off firewall? [edit] Also, read somwhere that having a different windows resolution from game was causing some person fps will set it same as game before logging in and see. Getting like 70 fps in low fighting areas and around 30's in heavy fighting so seems pretty good as is. Game sure has changed for the better I must say, just have no clue as to what is going on.
  6. Thxs, done that, but wondering what exactly is causing system failure?
  7. Thxs, that worked. Think I'll just leave it alone as I read somewhere that next patch will support widescreen resolution. What made me think it might be the resolution rebooting is that after it reboots, I have to fix Windows resolution back to 1440x900. Not sure how to do that.
  8. Well I went into settings and the verbage is all crewed up. Shows up as .....####### ### ####. Has done this once before and I had to reload patch, but Im wondering if I need to use game auto update instead of downloading the one 300+ meg file?
  9. Got a new rig that will play this game and everything workd fine except it reboots my computer when I quit game. Also, there is no 1440x900 resolution tab in settings and Im not sure which I should use so I just hit auto adjust on monitor and it sizes it, but don't think that would cause a reboot. Any ideas?