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  1. same issue here how do you fix it ??
  2. Awsome info on this, good job putting this together
  3. wow i forgot about the old bunkers , they were harder to take for sure cool video
  4. installed windows 10 , where is the key binding location so i can move my old commands over Thanks Dudecan
  5. dudecan, sign me up anywhere im needed,, i can fly, ground or ship just let me know
  6. same thing mine did last year,,,after 2 months found unit was full off dust,,,,blew out unit and it ran fine,,,,just a thought
  7. i had same issues for 2 months,,tried everthing,,downloaded some software to watch my motherboard specs,,heat and voltage ect ect and my cpu was to hot,,when in game i would last 1 min to 25 min,,blew out the fan and rig and im gamin again,,,just something to check