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  1. At the end it was just me and my trusty A-gunner left. The allied inf. did a good job of clearing but didnt get to my side of the road untill the end, then they died. I was kind of disapointed at the allied turn out but hope the next event will be better. Keep up the events, lots of fun and a nice break.
  2. I was at last golfball woods and got 3 inf, 2 lmg and 1 snipper,,needed more allied trucks,,but had fun/:)
  3. Sign me up for a Kamakazi, err,, stuka I mean.
  4. Since the new patch, I can hear my squad on team speak but if in game cannot talk. This is the only program that affects my T/S this way,,any suggestions?
  5. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  6. During our defense of Chilly today, my squadmate was kill using a Pak-36. When he tried to respawn in, he got a suspension message. What kind of BS is that! I know this individual and he does not clip FB's or otherwise cheat. I would like to know why he was suspended and why if you thought that he should be suspended, did you not provide a phone # to get it cleared up ASAP. As you have no other place that I am aware of to get this information I have posted it here.
  7. You allied scum!!! You bump and you bump and you dont even offer and old friend BEER!!!!! Hope you guys are doing good.. Kill ya on the battlefield