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  1. Thanks mate. I had to reload the game a few times but it seems to have gone now
  2. I've just started getting this now in the brigade section. When I try and spawn in, I get that message in the chat box and then this one appears: ?mission.spawn.denied13? Can't play
  3. ty macspiny, i'll give that a go
  4. S! Is there a way to minimize the game window or even 'alt tab' out of the game like our Windows cousins can?
  5. Allied Sapper please
  6. Hi I'm running a intel core duo 2.33GHz with a ATI Radeon X1600 graphics card on a Windows partition and am getting better fps than many of my squad mates who use regular PC's. Tonight I peaked at over 100fps and am averaging 40 - 50. It's like playing a diferent game all of a sudden. Whatever card you get, you won't be dissapointed. Nick
  7. Hi tautu and thanks for your reply. I finally got it sorted. I had been trying to insatll the driver by selecting 'run' at the download page. The other software/drivers had installed automatically this way but the Omega driver wouldn't. I tried downloading the package to the desktop first, by selecting 'save' and then installing from there and it worked fine. I can't beleive how much of a different game it looks and sounds. I feel like I'm playing the game for the first time again. It's great! Thanks again or your reply. Nick
  8. Hi all Hope you can help. Just installed windows XP on my Mac (I feel unusual!) using bootcamp. Everything went OK. My Cyborg Evo Force joystick now works like it should and I can't wait to play. The game is installed but launches upside down. A common problem I know. I downloaded the Omega drivers, selected 'run' but the game is still launching upside down. I think that I may have missed a step. Is there somewhere to select or configure the driver? I know some of you guys are using XP on your iMacs so any help would be appreciated. Thanks Nick
  9. Hi lads bit of a noob question but how can I see my fps in-game? Thanks Nick
  10. That it! Back in! Thanks again
  11. Did the trick for me too. Thanks!
  12. Hope this works, thanks for your efforts lads.