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  1. He was an annoying, annoying guy
  2. Hey, my roomate and me are trying to get her computer on my home network. It's nothing particularly fancy, just an AT&T purchased 2wire router and DSL connection. Her computer is Japanese, though, and I as wondering if that could be a problem? It doesn't seem to be doing the standard identify and then enter password setup that my computer and most others do (just select a network and enter a wep key). Help? Advice?
  3. Thanks guys, I'll have some time to kill soon so I'll do that. I need to get another windows XP Install CD, too. Bleh. I'm fairly confident that mine's farked up because it's stopped copying files at the same point on my farked HDD and an old 20 gig that I was testing it on.
  4. comp has no ability to boot, I'm on my Macbook right now. The computer is partially formatted HDD wise, because it simply shuts down half way through the format, so it won;'t boot.
  5. Ok my Computer can't quite install windows. I thought it was a bad HDD, and it might be; everytime I try to reinstall windows it dies half way through the install. I don't understand; I thought it might be the Mobo or the HDD, but, it functioned fine in BIOS and DOS Repair prompt. I don't know, still dicking with it, but UGH. Any help would be awesome guys.
  6. I still love my Macbook Pro, feels new. But alas, the game's performance (contrary to everything else's performance on it hehe) lacks, and thus, I may need to upgrade my windows machine *sigh*
  7. Macbook Pro right here. Running under OSX is strange, when I have windows installed we'll try again, lol. -Chris
  8. A great thread Tzu, and a big "bump". -Chris
  9. So how long til' you join the Wehrmacht then Tzulscha? ];p
  10. Very cool ]=) Give him my regards, and ask some questions about his uncle, too! ]
  11. Dude that's awesome ]=) I wish I could afford one of those models too, but alas... ]=( Man, that's cool. Keep talking to him, maybe try to record the interview for posterity ]=)
  12. Hmm, could you get a personal account from him for us? ]=P
  13. Well, we could use his camo pattern as long as it isn't desert/mustard scheme