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  1. A bit environment unfriendly, the F-111. I really think RAF should go for solar panel battery driven for the next heavy.
  2. I would be interested to join. Have played lotsa different hex games from Avalon Hill, GDW, SPI during the years.
  3. 550 /playgate_119.exe: No such file or directory Cant download your playgate applikation.
  4. The battle for Caen. I believe the Canadians compared to the number of troops they fielded, had more casualties than either brits or US during the normandie campaign.
  5. Just out of curiosity, what is it in the game that's waranting a refund?
  6. Thanks Bloo, much appreciated.
  7. With the mouse. Rightclick. It worked before the patch. But N is second best i supose. Maybe i can map N to my right mouse clicky. I wanna click click righty clicky clicks.
  8. Cant use mouselook anymore when in tanks. Before patch i could rightclick mouse and rotate view. This is gone now. How can i get that function back again?
  9. Yeah, i read that one. I am mostly looking for books from the russian perspective.
  10. Thanks a bunch, gonna look those up. They written by russian authors?
  11. Anyone have any good book about the Russian side of the ww2 to recommend? I would prefer if it was from the ranks perspective of the war. Any and all sugestions is more than welcome!!!!
  12. " Blood red snow" by G Koschorrek A truly remarkable tale by the Author about his experiences in WW2. I have read other memoirs by veterans but the above stands out. Very well written. Nearly impossible to put down. Highly Recomended, buy 3!
  13. Timezones!