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  1. I always liked the forums, when threads were allowed to remain open that is. At the end of the day the people posting are paying customers and the forums are one of their only ways in which they can contact those running the game. They post in the hope that others reading will support their ideas or agenda as they do in game or through pm's. From my time in game having spent an equal time on each side, I can agree that there were far too many concessions made for the allied side, whether it was nerfing the 88 or towns like Antwerp (now that was a [censored] storm) As long as things like this are done there will always be [censored]ing in the forums.
  2. I was VERY fortunate that she took the time to fly to the UK for my wedding. I would like to share this photo of her with my WW2 friends YNWA Keysie XXX
  3. Not London - I spent a week there one day!!! Manchester -central Britain and has Liverpool close by great night life. The south does have god museums but Wolverhampton (RAF Cosford) has an excellent museum there for air. Would be interested in the meet though.
  4. !S N1ckm I have had the very same thing happen to me many times. Being shot through walls is also happening more recently.
  5. Seeing lots of lag in game all over. Tried to drive a tank close to a town and hit with 5 or 6 fps. Unplayable.