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  1. I have also reactivated my account and am having the same issues - Subscription Locked on all personas. I have submitted a ticket but it's been 24hrs and still nothing heard.
  2. I am getting the same error message and cannot get in game
  3. Jammyman sorry I let you down by not turning up mate, I was looking forward to the event too. I'm glad you all enjoyed it and the screenshots are great. Great work organising the event. S!
  4. S! jammyman. Sign me up for bomber or spit please mate.
  5. It was a good event and I sank my first EDD Thanks for organising it Jammyman. I look forward to the next event.
  6. S! Jammyman. Sign me up for Allied DD please mate. If that is not available I will take anything else you have. S!
  7. S! L33 The initial run of the vid has been out for 2 days mate. I am working on refining it atm. Thanks again for turning up mate. S!
  8. All valid points and thanks. As for pressing 'L' - didn't know about that until the day after I put the video together fairly quickly so I could get it posted on the web for the playerbase to see. The first piece of music is the Battle of Britain opening tune and the second piece is the RAF March Past tune. As for getting on the hanger!!! If I can get the rest of the names of those who took part, I will add the names to the credits at the end. I have so far: Wilko160 L33 Jpanzerj Frantish Missile Army14 Lielow Hussars Mackelroy Blaze?? Let me have your names guys. S!
  9. S! All I have now published the video. Have a look and let me know what you think. You tube is tight on sizes etc as I'm sure you know but I think it came out ok. S!
  10. S! Frantish I haven't forgotten about you mate. Thanks for leading the BoB flight. Video is being published as we speak.
  11. S! all. The RAF 90th Anniversary flight held on the training server was a great success. A large formation of aircraft flying over a parade of troops was performed 5 April 08. After 4 weeks of planning the results were great. I would like to thank everyone who turned up for the event. The Inf for being very patient and the Pilots for their outstanding flying and tight formation. Special thanks go to Wilko160 and Darling1 for helping me plan the event and for leading the formation on the day. We have proven that WWIIOL is more than just a game. Thankyou for marking the anniversary of the RAF in this way. I will be posting the video footage on youtube soon. S!
  12. Chat has been fine up to now but if we need TS we can sort it out. It will be on the live server. OK today's the day for it. I hope to see as many of you as possible on the training server tonight 2030GMT. I look forward to this event very much. S!
  13. The event is planned for 2030GMT Saturday 5th April. As for the BoB flight I can't see why not
  14. Great suggestion Frantish S! The whole thing will depend on the numbers that attend. I will have a look at the camera angles and also establish how many others have FRAPS running on the day.
  15. Yep all RAF aircraft please. Thanks for the replies guys keep them coming S!