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  1. Hold it in the Ukraine! btw i dont care where it is, i'll come. I'll force Koopman to also hehe
  2. Aim high, claim the edelweiss, become a jager!!
  3. Can i have an E-4 plz? If not avaliable i wouldnt mind flying a Hurri..
  4. never had issue with this. i get to choosing my server then it says launch in the bottom then the window just closes
  5. Thats right 1st Gebirgsjager are recruiting! We have very experienced players to learn from or play with! Axis Eu Squad Primeraly but have other TZ players! We are part of the EU alliance of Squads supporting the likes of KGW regulary! Laid back squad with 2 dedicated squad nights a week, own coms, forums and ventrillo server! We play all parts of game from flying to tanking to the lowly infantryman! Look out for the 1stJager tag in game or speak to Officers of the Squad! Coopes - CO Koopman - XO Lampie - SGM Leanderj - OIC 1
  6. The part with russians having no plan is wrong. Don't forget the pact germany signed with russia before the war which allowed hitler to start the war evetually pushing west knowing he would not be faced with a war on 2 fronts. During the battle of britian stalin was trying to expand his empire as much as the germans taking some of the balken states and stoppinng just short of hitlers main oil reserve in Romania. Stalin also tried to take finland and was defeated. The russians had a terrible army, stalin had purged his army commanders of its quality. The whole time stalin was affraid of a german attack and was trying to sort his army out since 1939. When operation sealion had failed hitler had no where to go West so East was obvious choice, coupled with the fact russians had come to close to his borders including his main oil reserve. And the fact Hitler was on good terms with the Fins who would later allie themselves. Hitler was also told by his commanders that the russian army was terrible and had been defeated by the fins. So in 1941 operation barbarossa was lauinched with crushing results for the russians. I do believe hitler could have defeated russia where it not for the russian winter and crucial mistakes made by himself. So stalin really did have a game plan from the start. And one of the reasons I don't see him as really being one of the good guys so to speak.
  7. Is there anything wrong with this as i had a look today 16th november and i appear to have missed off lots of sorties i did yesterday. Usually the site updates this page pretty quick.
  8. Bump and thanks for the kind comments gagamel.. You may draw rations and pay when you like lol
  9. I took a screen shot well a couple, does anyone know where they get place in Vista as i cant find them for life of me
  10. After the new updat i have been playing for a week and now im at the stage where my card crashes ever time im in game, i get hang ups and the vpu recovers! its frustrating coz i cant play anymore.. i have a 256mb ati radeon x800xl and i have updated the drivers and uninstalled and reinstalled yet game still crashes. i seem to be able to play brothers in arms without card going funny but as soon as i spawn in card dies i really need help as im missing playing