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  1. Since the very first day I signed up to this game, many years ago, I never thought I would have this kind of bond with people I have never met! I have returned after years of not playing and still it saddens me to hear the loss of players that you have played along side and spoke and joked with on voice coms. This is why I keep coming back, as it’s like no other game, it is a family and often you spend more time sharing times (good and bad) then what you do with your own siblings! As much as what it’s worth, my thoughts go out the family and the only thing we can do is remember the person and continue to play and support the game they loved. I can only hope that when my time comes, that my friends that I have made within the game, will spare a few minutes to remember me and The times I have logged in and helped push which ever direction the map went.
  2. You could say that if a Sniper receives more camo it would be more of a target when fighting in urban areas?
  3. Alright I will accept a Twig in a helmet then
  4. Might have already be asked for.. Not by me though. Gilly Suits for snipers.
  5. We have an award system (that needs updating) but to many players this is very much part of their game (Like stats). For some this is more important then actually the game play itself so it cant really be ignored. Two of my squad (Catfive and Canuk) have now reached the 100k milestone in kills which I feel is a huge feat in itself, but actually shows the players commitment/loyalty to the game overall. Both times we celebrated this within the squad but what I noticed was new(ish) players in awe of this accomplishment and actually stating that they would like to be part of this unique group! My proposal is that we recognise this by creating a "garden" area in a central town (so its seen on a regular basis) with statues or a stone (even pictures like in AB bunkers) of the 100k club. We know that little things like this add extra "content" to the game but also it provides that extra incentive to players more then just "levelling" to gain additional weapons. Some players would become obsessed with the want to achieve these kind of targets and this would naturally increase (or sustain) some player subscriptions. we could also consider other milestones like 25k, 50k so that other players can be involved.
  6. Great idea to camo up the FRU's to help make them last longer. But a couple of times now I have found some that seem to shine white? only from certain angles but they really do shine! Anyone else?
  7. I use TS and AEF expect squaddies to use it. Instant response and Squad orders plus able to converse with your friends! Simples...
  8. Just because this thread does not have enough RANS in it.....
  9. I want to start using my Tow account and previously I had a second PC so it was pretty easy! Now though I have one PC with 2 screens so I ideally would like to be able to minimise and move my tow account to my second screen and keep my main account on my main screen. Multiboxing is a common thing in many MMporgs but I cannot seem to find suitable software. Any suggestions?
  10. I have a feeling this could be hard work!
  11. Just to bump this post Same happened to me for the first time last night and I started to get lock up's as well. any suggestions or just unlucky?
  12. Ahh thanks flincher thats good to know. I have a pretty good system so if I get 20+ in a large scale battle then nothing to stress about. What is a good PING? how would i test that? I hear of players that can run around killing and they say its down to their connection compared to us laggy ones...
  13. Hi Guys Total newb at this, so require your advice! I wanted to see how I can increase my connection whilst playing the game so I can shoot people better! I checked my boradband first. It was running at an average of D/L 5mb and fraps was saying I had an average of 45 FPS (FB guard with min activity) So upgraded my broadband and its now 15mb but i did not see any change in FRAPS? Any suggestions
  14. Isnt it about time we got all the Guys & Girls together some place in the UK to talk all things WWII and see if we can get Some US buddy's over and show them how to drink/party properly! It could be just a night at the pub or we could combine it with some kind of event? Maybe even hold it on the Normandy Beach's? I just think its about time I met some of the people I have been chatting to over the years! Ideas, Thoughts and anyone want to team up with me?
  15. Anyone use this Joystick? I have just purchased one and for some reason it wont let me keymap in Navy?? I can set up Truck and Armour ok but i have not tried Air. It is on PC setting and all drivers are up to date etc Any help i would be very grateful!!!