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  1. I´ve got the same problems. MB is a 975 XBX (Intel) with a E6600 processor - 4 GB ram. I had a Geforce 7950 GT vid-card installed (512 MB) PCIe. OS = Win XP Pro 32-bit SP3 (and i give a damn about new drivers usually) Near towns my FPS dropped to 7-10 FPS and it was impossible to use a tow account on the same machine; even out in the fields my sec. account had between 1 and 4 fps. Recently i´ve switched to a GeForce 460GT (1GB ram) and now even in crowded towns i have ~ 25 - 35 FPS (playing with two accounts on this machine is possible again, no significant fps drop with two accounts ) Untill you get yourself a better vid-card, you propably will stay away from towns and try fighting at FBs.
  2. CTDed again today - funny, yesterday and the days before i could play for hours and hours - no CTD at all
  4. This! I wouldn´t think twice for going another long term account if the game would go a bit into another direction. Sry to say, but all those "free updates" is something i don´t need (would be glad to stay still in 1.26 or so). All the following updates was just reducing fun - didn´t got a new vehicle anyway; oh well, i´ve stated in several posts already, so no need for another statement. But Stdyhand is holding a valuable point - paying for a long term subscription means nothing but you have to agree wherever the game will went. Once i thought it is a smart idea, but i´m afraid now i know better.
  5. I am really not happy that bibit offline payments don´t work anymore. Specially in the european area payments via electronical withdraw from a bankaccount is very common and it was one of the easiest (and secure) way to pay for customers. All the advertised other ways to pay aren´t that secure (for customers) and bank account informations has to be given away to third party - which isn´t desirable. I don´t see any other possibility than running out the account(s).
  6. Its kinda funny - i am playing with 2 accounts on a single machine; on one account i have massive packet loss (~70%), while the other account have no packet loss. If it is an ISP issue, then i really wonder, why the second account i am loggin have no problems.
  7. The german strategic philosophy is easy to explain: When facing a superior foe (the germans in 1940 remembered well how the WWI ended) then only a surprising, well planned attack can hit the enemy with a strike they cannot recover from. In that case it was France. If the french army would have concentrated their forces and have crossed the rhine eastwards, they would have beaten down the germans. The british as the french allieds counted in the BoF only as "halfhearted", because of Italy as "axis" and their intentions in northern africa, plus the upraising thread against the british commonwealth - Japan. The arabians had intentions to go for their own independence and didn´t liked the british on their soil; but they even "hated" the italians more than british. None the less, the british presence in northern africa forced their government to split their military and therefore they couldn ´t send a far greater contingent to european continent. (maybe other politician reasons affecting british and french relationships also may have played a major role) The sovjet philosophy (Stalins) simply was to have a war in western europe and when the countries are beeded out enough, the sovjets would have an "easy game" to get involved in that war and "liberate" the western countries from the suposed winner of that war. Their two strategical "Joker-cards" always was their size of territory plus the winter. Why also go "head-on" against the agressor, when the major goal would have been to bring the socialistic international "world-revolution" into the western european countries? For the US, after the "new-deal" didn´t worked as intended, the US-inhabitants first need to agree, that the US may participate the european war, thats why their president before the wwII brokes out formed the words: When a war in europe will starts, the amercian border of interest will be the river rhine - (while the british premier said: "if the american border in a upcoming war will be in europe at the river rhine, then the british border has to be at the river memel >east of former koenigsberg/kaliningrad<) Before the japanese attack on pearl harbour, the US-gouvernment couldn´t get the "Go" from their people, even they tried hard to get it, so the only thing they could do during their "neutrality" was to send lots of equipment to help allieds and the sovjet union (the americans sended enough weapons, pharmacy, fuel and food to the russians, that they could equip 300 ! entire divisions - that suport started during the american "neutrality" ), which enabled the american industry to raise military production capacy and give employment to thousands of americans. Their military philosophy is a result from that situation - endless supply from an economical "giant".
  8. Didn´t even the history told us, that morale and faith is playing a major role too? Defending the "own soil" is quite different from fighting for some wrong-guided politicians. The best equipment is useless, if the comanding officer talks about retreating. In the oposite - inferior equipment can beat high tech vehicles in a kamikaze-style. And what i am asking myself all the times: Whats the use of all that computerized/guided systems, when nuclear EMP can create a malfunction to electronical modules? Simple technics will survive (like an older diesel-engine..... )
  9. Same here - looks like chinese have captured main-page-flag
  10. I am in the lucky position to run two accounts too - what i am doing is, everytime i log into the game, i switch to preferences and lower the sound-volume for the towing-account to just a bit over zero.
  11. Got some "funny" CTHLs lately, because message shows "Connection to Host lost" but i was able to read the chat. Some of the CTHLs are occuring just for one account, while the other account still in game. Most time, the CTHLs occur, when the packet-loss is going up to 85 %+ I know, some ISPs (like that what i am using) are forcing a reconnection with another IP adress every 24 hours. (- Thats "stinking" a lot, but a permanent connection to Internet would be unaffordable - only for companies )
  12. I am a proud member of KGW - and you?
  13. 100% agree! I think events are more important since tigers almost disapears from battlefield. Well, when I realised this, first it annoyes me, because i liked to spawn a tiger - but our "past tiger-map" tigers went through a huge decline of fun factor - so what the heck, if we have this kind of Panzers or just rifles - for me (as a dedicated tanker) its almost the same - boring!
  14. That´s our big Chance Okay, again without any joke - if allied side will be underpopulated, then I don´t have any Problem to serve this event under Schnelli´s command.