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  1. Need stupid amounts of Paras for Arnhem with no truck/FRU resupplies.
  2. During the 2nd wave. Cheers Aussie05
  3. After the first raid. 2nd Wave. I got strafed by Zero Fighter killed most of my gunners.
  4. That was a good event. I made few screenies and have it more realistic. Pics taken from south line. Before the raid Air Raid! Air Radar Warning. Poor devils.
  5. Avoid Ohio.
  6. Lucky bugger bulldog!
  7. Nice idea! Cant wait for it again.
  8. I guess I pilot again to bomb *cough* Subrat and his evil team.
  9. And yes will accept tail gunner.
  10. Looks like I have to wear brown pant for the flight i'm the only one is gonna fly H111 vs 7 Allied bombers so far.
  11. Heh Subrat I saw the name popped up that you killed me lol I too didn't know you were on too Nice pics! Aussie05
  12. Axis Victory but at cost poor.... player name Kill11 lol
  13. add me as Axis H111 pls Aussie05
  14. If i was facing east run on my own yeah that prolly me?