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  1. Road kill ---> kill credit to CS&R
  2. I tested (as french engineer against 4G) on training server. But i couldn't kill maingunner with engineer satchel. Anyhow, i got killed on liveserver (back then). So, i guess...it just might happen on liveserver or it is somekinda (not regular) bug. Thank you for your co-operation. Carry on!
  3. Awesome OldZeke!!! With your tips i can enter now, thanks.
  4. I can get in training server...but select brigade button won't do anything.
  5. My personal lost wasn't so huge. You kill and get killed...panzers comes and goes. But, if this thing (getting killed in 4G by an engineer) is coming to be a trend. It is going to affect game balance. Maybe this is something we have to test further. How and if HE-satchels damages tanks and panzers (and how often).
  6. (Livegame) BUG REPORT: 4G maingunner killed by engineer (26th of January 2012) I was pretty sure that engineers (nowadays) carries HE-satchel, not HEAT. Or is it working as intended...engineers (with HE) are able to kill tanks (brits and french) and panzers (axis)? Thank you and carry on.