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  1. This is my budget PC i want to buy. Any reasons to change components or will this be fine for 1.31 and future versions?
  2. So what to do, the motherboard leave it this way? Or get a: GTS 250 GTX 260 GT 9800 ATI 5750 Lol many choices I want to be 500 euro... What kind of powersupply is goed? thx
  3. I made a computer: Will it run BE 1.31 smoothly? Thanks
  4. Thsi is a new system i want to buy for 1.31. Is it good? Is it good with Windows 7, and how does BE react on it? Thanks
  5. When i got the new patch i get after 10 sec in ingame play a cthl. This is since the patch. I've downloaded the whole game again, and installed it.. but same problem. Ik hope some one can help me out
  6. Same here in Holand Damn i want to play!
  7. On Wed, 24 Jan 2007 21:05:43 UT, < > wrote: OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION*******************************************************LOGISTICS OFFICE- BATTLEGROUND EUROPE; WORLD WAR II ONLINE *******************************************************Our records indicate that your subscription has been deactivated due to invalid, incorrect or missing billing data.Please visit your account management page at and click on the Subscription tab then select the I would like to modify my payment plan option. Once updated, you should have access to the gameworld in 30 minutes or less. If you have already re-activated your susbcription, please disregard this reminder email.END OFFICIAL COMMUNICATION*******************************************************This is an automated e-mail. Please do not reply. ©2006 Playnet Inc. All rights reserved .******************************************************* This mail i got today, I payed yesterday, and it said that it was activated again??? It was 102 euro's... Please give me an answer...
  8. I got a nvidia Gforce 5950 ultra, can i use them too?
  9. Nevermind it worked for now i just had to start the game before he "makes" a cmfl folder thank you! Now i got everything i wanted! Except 1.23
  10. I know but isnt there anymore with the "CD" version :/
  11. I also reinstalled and see that i got way MORE opties in the settings box then the downloaded version! and all tutorials included everything is there! Nu i must upadate everything Only one question... THat "keymap" where do i have to put it back becasue there's no map with "cmfl" anymore :x ANd i like to keep my keys
  12. Yes i like to see a little punch when i hit the fire button, its not difficult i guess I bought a new Joystick with FFB :/ No i know it wont work in this game (i only play this game) so... CRS please work on that!
  13. With that option off i got a really nice fps (not very good) but around 15-16 in bushes Only with binocs or sniper zoomed into bushes, then it gets to 10 So im happy ^^
  14. And whats the difference? The trees dont move or something?