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  1. Not 1 day but 15 days... in the past you had 15 days of premium so you could actually try everything and be good at something and even learn some aspects. It's the only reason I become a subscriber, now players never have a chance to rank, unlock equipment and understand WW2ol has to offer. It must be a priority to have 15 days premium with a conversion to P2P after those 15 days this would do more than any marketing campaign.
  2. The barrel seems remarkably similar to the MG 151 MK103 30mm aircraft cannon (belt fed) being used for airfield defense. (WWII German) Note the gunners sheild and the multi chamber muzzle break. Pretty sure that is the MG 151 Aircraft cannon being used as an Airfield Defense like they did with the 30mm MK103 Aircraft Cannon probably they were lacking AA defenses and had a surplus or not used 20mm Mk 151 Canon(as you see on the background some BF109's) welded some adaptations and they had an AA , there were many cases in the German Army of field constructing/retrofitting/adapting weapons and guns to new roles.
  3. Could be a 20mm cannon from an Aircraft retrofitted as an AA seems too boxy and compact for a normal AA.
  4. I would advice the 660 is way cheaper and if you go for SLI it will surpasses the single 670. If you go for single the 680 performs way better, 660 and 660ti will still be able to run in high quality setting future games so the 670/680/690 are still somewhat overkill. http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gtx-670-review,3200-5.html
  5. I was supposed to be perma ban from the forums but I can log, check forums and write replies. I'm also no longer HC but I have access to the officer forums?...
  6. Your Ram and PSU is fine for current and future games. I would advice you: 1- A new Graphics Card 2- A SDD 3- New Mobo + Intel CPU 1 - For gaphics card I would advice you the 660(cheaper better performance ration than the 660ti) or 660Ti (Supports the new ARCTIC VGA cooler "Accelero Hybrid Extreme" uses air and water to cool your GPU). The 660 since it's cheaper allows you to SLI two really good graphics card at a decreased cost. Advice you to go for Asus or Evga Graphics cards Why no AMD Cards? I haven't had much luck with them yet despite using them in all previous builds they have also lower Shader Clocks but are better in other specs vs Nvidia. 2 - The SDD is really great for windows boot and to install multiplayer competive games like this. Samsung are known to be the fastest SSD although the difference isn't that noticeable, OCZ is also good you don't need more than 128GB thought, so i would advice you to check: OCZ SSD VERTEX 3 SERIES SAMSUNG SSD 840 SERIES I'm currently use a Transcend 128GB SSD is also good and has worked well until this day. 3 - You probably should consider a new Z77 intel mobo with an Intel CPU like the 3770k, 3770 or the cheaper 3570k Intel ivy Bridge CPUs have proven to be overall better than AMD and with a decrease power demand. (don't get fool by the AMD 8 Core Cpus) I would advice the following Mobos: Asus Sabertooth Z77 (No PS/2 support a must for good PvP mechanical Keyboards, No Legacy support for IDE Drivers) AsRock FATAL1TY Z77 PROFESSIONAL ( Supports PS/2, IDE HD and Even Floppy XD same price range as Sabertooth) AsRock OC Formula ( E-ATX Format, very well build with good components easy to OC Memory and CPU, PS/2 Support no IDE Support) Here's My Specs (I'm the process of upgrading my PC should have it next week): Case: Aerocool BX-500 (Medium Tower Case that supports E-ATX) Mobo: AsRock OC Formula CPU: Intel 3770k CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i Graphics Card: Evga 660 2GB SuperOverclock SSD: Transcend SSD320 128GB HD: Western Digital Barracuda 500GB RAM: Patriot Viper Xtreme Series Division 2( 4GBx2 at 2400Mhz) Mouse: Roccat Kone XTD Keyboard: Steelseries 7G (not worth it 6GV2 better) You can also choose to wait until the new Z87 Mobos and New Intel CPUs are launch this will happen soon probably Summer or Fall and buy the Z77 Mobos and 1155 Cpus at an even cheaper Price. PS: If you want to get better at gaming especially PvP a 120Hz 24'inch Monitor will give you an Edge like the BenQ 120HZ 3D Ready Monitors.
  7. I think I have said almost all that in previous threads it's good we are on the same page good to know that my views are shared by more players and the more players repeat this things the more likely will these pick up.
  8. Seems like the full download of the game fail and instead of 800mb uncompressed he only downloaded 500mb~
  9. AFAIK free accounts can use stats.
  10. I actually also enjoy the BB although we had no stats, there was also some small imbalances but the concept was great. The only thing that made it shine less was that in the low population times, players would loose a town we manage to hold the entire day. In the last day we held everything and it seemed we could win but when I woke up we had lost around 5 towns and we had lost the BB :/
  11. For me I would rather have a F2P + Subscriber model: F2P would have access to everything (maybe not Tiger/CH7/S76) but to use that equipment or ability they would need to spend points that they receive from killing and playing the game, in the end F2P would required to spend more time to get more points and enjoy the game therefore creating content for everyone. If you subscribe you would have no burdens or be forced to be a very active player. There should always be promos to reduce points to use X equipment and promos to subscribe. There should be also more flexible subscriptions like you payed 5€ to have 24h of premium equipment this would be great for people who don't or can't play too much and a monthly price is to high to justify their use. From what I have seen the dual system(Subscriber + FP2) is the most stable and has also a very high revenue and it's easier to implement in terms of balancing equipment of premium vs free accounts.
  12. True you won't alone but if you make part of a big group that is asking or requesting something CRS will take that in account. Setting a specific time for server resets saying no to 3rd Person drive of tanks and combat was the community.
  13. +1 Yup thought you wanted to see this campaign stats for total kills do has keepit66 said
  14. Those are the stats of last campaign not this or the one coming today. Stats page are bugged and require manual fixing at this time to update them.
  15. We need more players like you to be premium subscribers who can participated on the real forums "Premium/Subscribers Forums" where you can talk directly to developers and influence the game. (it's a shame free trials can't even see this forums and the discussions you see happening there) Many of the current subscribers are not what I would call hardcore gamers or people who are in touch with current FPS and Online game markets, you seem to be and I agree with most of what you said. I think as a Finn you can pay 9,2 € monthly for this game. The issues you brought up like LAN parties mass bans is very important. I invited a couple of friends in the past and I had the same problems.