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  1. Where can I get help with this app? There was a crash on install and now I get this error when I try to run Discord A Java Script error occurred in the main process Uncaught exception: Error: cannot find module "discord voice'
  2. S! buck your friends here are always with you
  3. Great to be back in the game...
  4. Still happening... quite bad as well here... My record so far is a crash w/in 8 seconds of logging in. Let us know if we have a fix plz thanks
  5. The Kevlar Helmet was a significan improvement over the steel 2 part helmet in terms of confort (IMO). It seemed better until you tried to get prone with it on and your nose was forced into the dirt. As indicated prior the helmet was too long in the back to work with the Body armor (or even a radio pack). It did feel lighter than the steel pot and more comfortable. To each his own I suppose
  6. Anyone who offers and/or wants a salute in a combat zone should be shot....I believe the phase to say while saluting is "Sniper Check"
  7. Does anyone from CRS look at this? Any help?