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  1. Game doesn't like integrated graphics either if your computer doesn't have an actual video card your probably out of luck you need at minimum a 550ti/amd 7770(I'd sure pick faster then those) because while the game isn't actually that stressfull compared to a directx 11 game it still needs more power then integrated graphics and the lowest end video cards provide.
  2. I'm pretty sure its the prediction code being flakey... It gets old having stuff just seem to 'warp' from nowhere... scan...scan...scan....scan some more.... finding those ant trails is HARD when everyone just warps into view at some random range/interval at some points in the games were able to actually see players come into view at great range and work there way in...
  3. you would take it to a computer shop and let them do it... then when they mess up the flash...they can expain to you they had to order another bios rom and your going to have to wait a few months untill they can install it and get your computer back to you. flashing your bios is something you ONLY do if you KNOW you need to do it...unless you have a dual bios M/B the risk of 'bricking' your system is fairly high. Murphy is just waiting for you to start the flash process...and have the power go out in the middle of it.
  4. the stock heat sinks aren't very good for overclocking... but you should have gotten a better aftermarket Heatsink to begin with since the stock ones are usually pretty marginal and usually excessively loud
  5. basically you already have TOP Of the LINE CPU... overclock it...your going to be within probably 10%-15% of even an overclocked new one your going to be wasting your $$$ buying a new cpu
  6. That might actually be usefull setting up a bios... too bad though that even with the 'key' to everyones different terms they use for the same thing 99.99% of people don't know what they actually mean or do(even most overclockers that been doing it for years and years)
  7. both of those video cards are in like a turtle. Don't get a DDR3 memory video card is the #1 rule and don't use onboard video either... you have a high end processor on your system and plenty of ram...get a better video card why they put in 12mb instead of 16mb seems weird doubt it with that non-K processor and those video card choices
  8. well if it doesn't do it for other cards then it usually means its a video driver problem...and then ati/amd will have to issue the fix. the only good news I suppose is this game uses alot of off the shelf stuff supposedly that others also they don't necessarily have to put out a 'patch' just to fix this game because if a video driver is broken here its broken for many other things out there also. I think game uses open GL..and NOT direct X most people generally have prefered to use Nvida video cards for this game...its a shame that NV only had the 550ti then leaped up to the 560's with nothing inbetween(except for the 560 SE which has only lately just come about) the 7770's are well rounded video cards when they work...with a good compromise of speed and price
  9. the networking side of things actually used to work very well... this game actually ran like a champion on 56K modems back in the day seems like they lost some core talent along the way that programmed some of the stuff...and I think the documentation to go along with its been a struggle for them it seems to keep things going and and add stuff to it... sometimes it seems like its just one big database and they are only admins running it and adding 'mods' along the way...
  10. well your running cpu way below spec... should be at 2.5 Ghz 12.5x multiplier...check your bios and see what it is set at
  11. what did you get a 7750 for? an NV 560 is alot better card and they make them with 2 gigs ram even
  12. Thats high end system for this game... 7770 video card is a minimum required card for most direct X 11 games so you shouldn't expect off the charts fps for most games...this game isn't too fussy though once you exceed the performance required to render the 'trees' and your most likely going to be CPU limited esp if you run highest visual player limites