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  1. so going 3 mph over rough terrain in a vehicle is enough to kill someone in real life? then why wasn't the code updated to model it with more fidelity? if its not really a seems remarkably innacurate OH...lets NOT FORGET you can get the same effect with atg/AAA when you push it are you saying your pushing so fast your going to knock yourself out doing it? obviously some sort of modeling error is in play
  2. You better off getting one of the payment plans that give lower $$$ per month... per month just isn't very economical...and for a new player it takes a few months to become proficient in the game anyways
  3. wasn't gone as of today... pretty damned obvious something wasn't right...multiple people seeing the same things up against someone that would have to be the BEST player the game has ever seen or will ever likely see IF they were playing clean. GODLIKE in their abilities.... locked stats also...I bet if we could see them they would be so high as to be OBVIOUS something was up I've played long enough to be able to tell a GOOD Player...also long enough to know when its something simple like lag(say a satilite connection..whatever) giving a player an advantage....noticed fairly quickly this player had GOD LIKE abilities unexplained by simple proficiency, hardware advantage(fast computer, fast connection, giant screens with high resolution surround gaming), or connection problems.
  4. But they are trying so hard... you have to remember how complex and intricate a game like this is...they are still learning so you should be more patient.
  5. They need to take away the HEat satchel from the ATR and put back a seperate HEAT anti-tank infantry unit into the game they RUINED the ATR infantry play with this BS of giving them a HEAT charge... so stupid
  6. Come on already.... this was the same stuff that was going on in the beta...which btw everyone reported back then also was logged in a bit ago and its still happening just as everyone says if your going to least PLAY LIKE THE PLAYERS PLAY. I mean spawn in over and over for a few hours straight running and gunning in a hottly contested town spawning over and over in the same depot and I can virtually guarentee that at some point you WILL GET that bug. I can't emphasize enough just how BAD a bug like this looks to returning players or new players...its a DEAL BREAKER for getting new subs or retaining current subs. computer more then meets minimum specs in CPU and graphics power and my connection is speedy too. this shouldn't be happening on even the most doggedly SLOW MINIMUM SPEC systems...because just the casual in game chat shows the player base to be farther behind on system specs then what the latest and greatest is
  7. it was NEVER a problem except for awhile in Navy due to an extreme shortage of players with rank...but NOW navy almost always has plenty with rank on. all you have to do is ASK someone to post a mission for you... its just how it was done and still is done for people without spam channel and find someone to do it RANK has it would be a SHAME to lose something like the thrill of ranking up and being able to post that first mission when its so rediculously easy to find people that would post missions for you untill you have your own rank. trust me...many enjoy the REWARD portion of online gaming and this game has few things for rewards to help keep people playing(and if they play long enough to attain that rank...maybe they will learn the game and enjoy sticking around after they have gotten it) catering to the instant crowd is a least for this game
  8. You have to remember the gunner is actually simulating the whole tank crew... so its definately realistic...
  9. And the HUGE explosions of the 5" dd shells that look like 1000 pound bombs going off truely horrid
  10. I'm MOST concerned that the map remain 100% accurate... fancy it up all you want...but if the map scale and objects shown on map don't corelate the map be useless. as it is now the map is used for accurate mortar fire...but eventually it will be used for 'artillery' IF/WHEN it is ever introduced in game.
  11. it serves no usefull function and handicaps any that would attempt to use it... can't lay in it for cover because anyone farther then 30 feet sees you just lying in the open...and if your laying in it then you can't see to aim because the the clutter. It's LOSE-LOSE with the radical clutter. oh...and it's annoying seeing this expanding sea of grass always growing as you move around.
  12. very annoying... limits on infantry play can't be good for the game...what little they actually could do has greatly diminished with 1.31
  13. I don't care how high or how obscured a roof is... if they know your up there your dead within a very short time grenades, rifles, and mortars...let alone using a tank or other big gun and just blasting means your not going to live on the roof. there is NO COVER on a roof... roof sniping only works untill they get spotted...and it's really easy to spot btw was one of the very few perks of being a's sad if it's no longer in game
  14. why don't you just go out and actually shoot some WWII vintage tracers's not like they are that expensive. do it during bright sun, overcast, twilight/early morning, and night time and actually see what they look it as both firer and as observer(from close and also at distance) probably would even be considered a business expense if you documented it and did it scientifically....doesn't sound that unfun.
  15. have to say I hate the new tracers... A fix for something I never thought was even broken seems like a waste of coding time that could be used for more worthwhile new vehicles, richochets, improved modeling of damage, etc and etc Forced loadouts of tracers for lmg's I find disturbing also...I would have removed the tracers from my links in R/L if I had to set up like you do in this game. they don't give any benefit to the gunner...for one thing you can't even see them(which is odd...since it's supposed to help you hit targets and not help the enemy to spot you).
  16. under low light conditions tracers in R/L are obvious from ANY angle... there is no angle u can't see them from...except for perhaps straight on like it's going you hit between the eyes(which most people don't ever see in R/L due to saftey issues) those with good eyes can see bullets in flight without any trace element to them... It's REALLY 100% obvious from vintage footage and current war footage now that ANY AAA coming up that is loaded with tracer ammo will be 100% visible to the pilots it's fired at...and it's not hunt for waldo hard to see it either I thought the old tracers were perfectly fine...having seen R/L tracers before it didn't look that bad. I've never seen the heavy calibre tank tracers but I expect they are spectacular and can be seen for a long, long ways. rifle calibre tracers can be seen during daylight hours up to the point they burn out the LMG tracers seem silly...I can't see them playing as LMG. the smoke looks like hits on the ground(which RUINS using ground hits for spoting range..unless you fire many and look for the shotgun patern which of course only gives away your postion) and they don't actually seem to provide any sort of trace at all...AND they only give away your position with the enemy seeing the trace much better then the LMG does. Of ALL the things people complained about in 1.30 and ealier versions of the game....I can't recall seeing people complain about the tracers. It was just something you NEVER would see come up on onside chat channel EVER. seems to come up quite a bit now in 1.31 though...
  17. I'd like for infantry to be able to vary their height by a few feet by default.... they can just put a crate under their feet that grows smaller or bigger to compensate for the going higher or lower the BIGGEST problem in game now is the lack of ability for infantry to DO ANYTHING remotely close to what can be done in real life...if the tiptoes don't do the trick in R/L infantry will find something to stand on and THIS SHOULD BE MODELED in game
  18. most are 1080P(1920x1080 or so) resoultion now...thats the STANDARD resolution now
  19. the no button bug...I get that. I think it also goes along with the no reserve get reserve message but you can't respawn. I also still get the spawn with NO AMMO bug at times...that's a real fun one. you generally don't know you have no ammo till you need to use it...