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  1. wow like old times again. a patch and now i cannot run the game. think i am having the same problem as RWS. Guess I will try to uninstalll the game and hope that works........
  2. SCKING your fix helped me thanks!
  3. If I change my main account name sabot8 to something else will my stats finally start getting tracked for top 10 or is this account always messed up? My stats were some of the few that were hidden that never came back.
  4. I just got a new computer with windows 7 and had to reload the game. My old computer was vista. I had my old cfml files and tried to copy them over but this is not working. My old joystick settings dont seem to be working now. Is this because my old cfml files were copied from the game when I was running vista? Pretty annoying. I have had these setting for 12 plus years and been able to transfer them and now I cannot.
  5. I cannot unlock my stats page. I had my personas hidden. Now when I try to log in i get the message persona unavailable and gives me the page to log in. Is this function not working?
  6. Any idea when this is going to get fixed. GEt this when trying to respawn after dieing or change of mission.
  7. I am starting to get this error alot. Never had it before.
  8. Same problem I should have just unsubscribed and come back for free in welcome back soldier stuff so I would not be paying to put up with this stuff.....
  9. I have my joystick set of the turret of a tank and of course for flying. Now with the new patch I cannot turn to the right in a plane or turret. I recalibrated and still have the problem.
  10. Its down for me here in switzerland. I keep getting the error.
  11. Will this system run the game ok? Intel Core2Duo 2.66Ghz Seagate 7200RPM 250GB Hard Drive 2GB DDR2 800Mhz Kingston RAM LiteOn DVD +/- RW Ge force 9800gt
  12. I have typed . leave and gone to the options menu and clicked on leave squad. But nothing works I am still in the squad. Is there a way a community support person can take me out of the squad?
  13. what is the command to leave a squad?
  14. I cannot log on. I get this socket error #11004. even tried reloading. Any ideas on how to get his to work?
  15. why is there not a picture our guidlines on what happens when you move the x and y curve or the bars that are left and right? There should be some kind of explanation of what is happening as you move these curves.