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  1. @PITTPETE Yeah I just saw your ticket reply. Much appreciated!
  2. Updated my support ticket earlier. Kinda wondering how many people are having the same problem I am. Beginning to think you guys should find a lawyer, pro-bono, to sue Cybersource for this mess.
  3. And now my secondary account is in "Grace" period, despite it showing up on my credit card statement this morning. I've already updated my billing method multiple times since the point in time that Cybersource decided to screw us.
  4. My secondary account billed today ( $12.99 for WBS promotion)... but the primary is still weird. November 14, 2019: Invalid Transaction The transaction reqiested does not exist, or you do not have the appropriate permissions to view the transaction. But my credit card does show a transaction on November 15th for $14.99 ... somehow I missed that. I guess everything is good? Except it still shows the: " Offline Billing never expires via PayPal " at the bottom.
  5. Is there any particular reason both my accounts say: "Billing Method : Offline Billing never expires via PayPal" when I've already switched back to using the WWIIOL site for payment? Some sort of bug?
  6. We talked about Personal Spawn Limits years ago, but the discussion never went anywhere. Mainly I think the point of it was to discourage RDP runs ending by crashing into factories. Or H81s suiciding into the ground because they were sacrificing themselves to penetrate the upper armor of Tiger cupolas with their 50cals, despite the fact that no sane pilot in the war would dive at such an angle, unless you were a Japanese kamikaze. I think with the system, nugx, you need to start people out with points - give them the benefit of the doubt. New players will burn through points by crashing planes mainly cause they haven't been taught how to fly / too impatient to learn. But that just goes to show that every person subscribed needs to invite one other person to the game for 1 on 1 personal training - especially if we want this game to thrive again.
  7. Always like your posts, jwilly. Frankly, I'd be happy with just improving Europe with 1:1 terrain instead of the 1:2 we have now and also higher resolution terrain. Instead of the 800m resolution terrain we have now, improve it to 90m which was talked about years ago. I realize we probably can't go too much better than that without sucking up as massive amount of hard drive space, but still would be better than it is now. Even though it would make distances between towns twice as far as it now, we could move FBs closer to compensate. If the underlying mechanics can be coded, shouldn't be we able to add capturable hills? Obviously there were some famous battles involving plenty of hills. With better resolution terrain, everything in game isn't going to be quite as flat as it is now.
  8. Point of order: I thought one Rat years ago was quoted as saying he wasn't going to touch the original physics code cause HOOF(?) wrote it in uncommented assembly and the other Rat was afraid he'd break it. Did you guys rewrite the physics code in C++ already?
  9. Please do not invoke he who shall not be named...
  10. It's probably for performance reasons when a building isn't able to be entered. There's no need to draw the interiors, etc. When your game doesn't make use of SLI vid cards, and you use a max of two CPU cores, it hamstrings your performance immensely.
  11. Mirror 2 isn't available on that page - it's fine on the other one. Clicking the download full installer for PC on the link I posted above gives me a mostly blank page with the word "pageok" Just figured you Rats would want to know.
  12. It's probably related to how Steam games install core files other than the game, such as C++ Redistributables or files related to Direct X. The C4 Engine for example does this. Check out this link on the C4 Engine demo page.