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  1. I use teamspeak extensively, in a combat situation it is much easier than to type, also more secure as far as overlays i use project kryptonite https://projectkryptonite.com/ fyi project kryptonite is by the same developers as teamspeak overlay it is stable and works well
  2. Tz3

    wow no TZ3 roll?
  3. its a population issue right now, several squads and individuals are pissed about the patch and i guess decided to protest, granted the allies got their poop together with comms and such, but again i fear that as this goes on more and more axis will either side switch or unsub, maybe CRS will need to make AI for the fight? i figure it will take 2-3 campaigns to figure what direction this will go this is all typical battlefield behavior i guess the winning side is full of their self righteousness and the losing sides morale declines, then you have defeatism and desertions. the axis will come back, when they do i can only hope the win is epic
  4. Might have to bribe him to stay Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  5. i wouldnt want to see the screen filled up with feldgrau bought the farm from deride lol
  6. As far as tactics and comms go well there is some truth to that, once you get a serious squad attacking a bunker for instance you can see even from a defenders perspective that they are working as a team, if the defenders are not as organized as in real life it gets ugly quick, i dont play allied ever but they do at times have their poop together, throwing smoke for cover and not going in one on one
  7. Very Nice