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  1. I have updated my payment details (again) but still unable to login.
  2. Ticket submitted.
  3. I just went thru the 4 pages of this thread and found 11 ppl against and 4 ppl for the hcms there were a number of ditherers that I couldn't define one way or the other. I'm just waiting for a definite yes/no from CRS about the future of the HCMS before I decide what to do about playing into the future.
  4. If HCfms is not removed soon I will be forced to remove myself from the game after 14years so sad.
  5. No to FF and there are so many things in this game that are unrealistic, warping for example, that to use realism as a reason to have FF is bonkers.
  6. And I thought I'd seen and heard it all. Whether the OP believes it or not the axis forces in this game represent the german army of ww2 and the Italians now of course.
  7. I think the tiger in the photograph is at Vimoutier France, I had my photograph sat on the gun a la Wittman(LOL), don't know if the photo is still around the house somewhere.
  8. Did you know that the infantry FRU exists in the game right now and allows the spawning of riflemen? Yes I did and I felt that when it was announced that it would be the thin end of the wedge.
  9. This idea was the reason I left the game and unsubbed and then the promised 1.36 reawakened my interest somewhat but if the infantry fms reappears that will be it for me and my sub.
  10. http://Hmmmm....what about everyone having to ride a truck or a tank to get to the battle area,,,,,,,anyone seen my coat?
  11. Horse drawn transport was the norm in the german army and they used horses throughout the war, Brit army was mechanized not so sure about the French I think they used truck transport as well.
  12. When the need for physical travel was removed from this game it lost a lot of its appeal:(
  13. I had 2 subscriptions both show in "my Account" as active but in game they are inactive, I have now unsubscribed one of the accounts and unless someone can explain what is happening I will unsubscribe the 2nd one as well. This is not intended to be a threat even though it may sound like one , I will not pay money if I am not allowed to use the goods.
  14. So in game the mg34 guys are in an emergency situation 24/7......I see.
  15. There's a difference between something being used in a particular way but was possible and another thing being used in a way that wasn't possible.
  16. So far I have heard 3 ppl trying to communicate with " anybody" don't know if they were successful but nobody seems to hear me even though both microphone and headphone icons are showing as on. I never bothered much with voice communication so I'm prolly getting difficulty due to lack of experience...oh ....and being dropped on my head when I was a baby:)
  17. I've just given up on it....whoever writes their stuff(instructions etc) sounds as if they are 4 years old.
  18. Killing is allowed downstairs in depots which includes the garage and also downstairs in ab inf spawns.
  19. I have just returned from holiday to find a new forums and my account changed from premium to free to play?????????????????
  20. Has your expertise in ww2 been ratified by an independent body or is it self proclaimed. No where have I read or seen any documents regarding the german invasion of Denmark being for any other reason than aiding their Norway operation. Both german and british navies lost ships during the Norway invasion by both nations. The only really sizeable LW operations from Norway took place later during the BOB and they were handled roughly by the RAF. I do not profess to be an expert on ww2 history but then I have only studied it for 50 years:D However I have to admit that the passing of time plays havoc with the memory.
  21. Why would the german army in real life go through Denmark to defeat the French? They actually broke through at Sedan to split the allied armies in two when they reached the coast. They also attacked the Low countries Holland Belgium which was done to entice the allied armies into Belgium. The overrun of Denmark was done months earlier to facilitate their attack on Norway. At least that's my understanding of events.
  22. M/L placed FRUS was the craziest most idiotic idea , one man carrying a brgd in his pocket(or somewhere on his person) which then became a pile of boxes from which a mass of soldiers spawned. Bridges were made redundant because our redoubtable M/L could swim rivers and place spawn points behind enemy lines; how ridiculous is that? In fact as a result of this riverbanks had to be made unscalable to bring bridges back into the game again and thereby making perfectly acceptable river swimming impossible. Futhermore the m/l could take the pile of boxes and put it back in his pocket and then place it somewhere else. I hope we never ,never ,never see this idea introduced again.
  23. Very sad news....RIP Keysie.
  24. Quote: Originally Posted by Kilemall View Post No, I'm talking about the essence of war, bending the enemy to your will and controlling the terms of the engagement. this isn't war, its a game. games are meant to entertain. google shadowbane, it too was totally hardcorp and allowed all manner of bending your opponent (over) to your will. it's long gone. it's spiritual successor, darkfall, never really got off the ground. it's new spiritual successor crowfall has a better chance but only because they removed much of the griefing that was allowed to happen. meaning, after making a hardcorp pvp game for hardcorp pvpers and seeing how bad that can be, they decided to not cross certain lines. I'm a bit confused as to why you are saying that this game will follow the demise of the two games you've mentioned when this one is still going after 15 years.