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  1. I'm also having problems with windows 7 and razer barracuda ac-1 sound card. I got the latest vista drivers since there are no win7 drivers. I have the above problem and direct of stuff in the distance. Worked fine with winxp so I'm thinking driver issue.
  2. Turn anti aliasing off in your nivida control panel. That should help.
  3. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=289537 My latest. Click my sig for the rest.
  4. If your using WWIIOL to check your crossfire setup don't. As WWIIOL will not use the 2nd card on Crossfire or SLI pcs. You can tell this by comparing the two video cards GPU temps when the game is running, 1 will keep idle temp. Where in other games that support it this is not the case. I'm not even sure WWIIOL uses the 2nd GPU on X2 cards, the ones that have 2 GPU on 1 board.
  5. Long shot but go to your system tool under winxp start and hit system information. Look at your IRQ ports and see if your Nat Card, Video Card, and sound Card are using the Same IRQ. You don't want your video or sound card to share IRQ with with any thing else.
  6. It gives black screens to if it can't give the Video card enough amps it needs also the warmer they get the more power they take. Some PSU give more amps on certain rails then other rails. High Amp for video card Lower ones for dvd's and what not. Some are labled some Are not. I would try swiching some plugs around to see if it makes a diffrence, By plugs I mean diffrent rails. If you got an old PSU around I would jump it and just have it run the video card only, and run the rest of the pc from the main PSU in the case. Just to test out if its a power problem.
  7. If your winXP is not broke, Don't fix it. Vista okay if you don't want to game with it. You get better Performance in games with Xp than Vista.
  8. Those other games using openGL or Direct3d?
  9. Try not running it in SLI mode, and maybe switch cards back and forth just to rule out hardware issue.
  10. What temps are your video cards running at? Really looks like a heat issue to me.
  11. Give this a try. Go into your Nvidia control panel. Then click on manage 3d settings. And click Restore to default. Then try to game again see if you still have Problems. This is a driver error or a Hardware problem with the video card.
  12. You running any firewall Programs? or playing the game over wireless?? MS onelivecare firewall program in the past has given me this problem.
  13. I would get one of these as well and OC it. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819115132&Tpk=E7300