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  1. Yep, all works fine now.
  2. Win7: After checking comp. mode (winxp servpack3) on all applications found in the wwiionline-folder and launching the game several times , i still CANT MOVE the mouse? ALT-TAB in and out several times does not work either... Help me please...
  3. I am sorry, but what Application do i change? WW2, Playgate, WW2_x86, WW2_sse2? Running on Win7 (Along side some Snow Leopard machines: finally a worthy OS)
  4. b25 link does not compute...
  5. Same here... a lot of crashes to the desktop. I hear suddenly a lot of R/W access to HD and then booom...
  6. bang! no, that's not it... euh... bueuh... BUMP!!!
  7. Nice, i will test it right away... All my 'high demanding games' (both in Winxp and MacOSX) display annoying artifacts. Very few in Battleground Europe , b.t.w.
  8. Ahwulf, the joystick perils are solved more or less. But I anxiously await an update fo the game. My Windows collegues think i am going bananas when they see me get killed by capped AI. When reading the forums i noticed the talk about OpenAudio or something, so i guess it's up to Apple to fix that.
  9. I want to change the volume of the game ONLY: so i can listen to something important, when it happens , in EyeTV, PodCast, iTunes radio, ... Are you telling me this game does not crash on mac? I have to reboot twice a day due to persistent sound anomalies, lock-out, etc...
  10. As a Mac-user i miss the following functionalities: - in-game settings: volume up/down (or at least Mute), change sound output device - play in a window or support for APPLE-TABBING out of game and back without crashing. - general USB support: application should not only support some joysticks, but all kinds of devices (all joysticks, Griffin iMate, ...) Just my 2 eurocents worth of requests
  11. MacOS X is supposed to be crash-proof, but Playnet (or WWIIOnline) is one of the very few apps which succeeds in totally crashing the Mac. How? By hijacking the keyboard interaction (no APPLE-OPTION-ESC possible), blackening the screen and looping the sound into something horrible. Forget APPLE-TABBING out of the game, on return you have 50/50 chance that it will crash. Also, the lack of proper joystick support and consistent mouse control (sometimes it just plain stops that) should be addressed as well. My setup is a Dual G5 2,7ghz with 3gb RAM and nVidia DLL 6800.