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  1. No. 88 can't cap nor armors. seriouslY Paks36 & 38 already do the job since FPA can ride opels. I drove 88s out of abs numerous times in the past asking target channel for customers.
  2. Grats icarus well done
  3. I so missed my good old opponent friend!
  4. Please tell us more Act outside the box, they look too silent
  5. If you want bigger stats Sub now!
  6. Sorry to tell you this directly but Santa Claus never existed.
  7. I have a surprise when I return cause I have few days off so I could play low pop either to pad my stats against 1:4 odds or help allied to win campaign in 10 days, again Hopefully kgarner and family will be back I prefer the first scenario
  8. Turtles never won a single campaign. You are right ian77!
  9. Did we win?
  10. Keep these stats threads up!
  11. That are stats I like
  12. Solide!
  13. Words of the day. AEF is a great bunches of vets and it is fun to run with.