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  1. It could be me and the silent majority.
  2. Of course we do! steely, come visit us in game!
  3. This. Now not only adapt and overcome, put your energy in game and stop whining.
  4. This could be interesting as well to try out.
  5. Capco, when last time did we met in game? I have met a lot of allied vets last campaign multiple times which are almost invisible since campaign started. Come on please. Log more, put efforts along in your comment and make it count.
  6. I salute your honesty. Imbalance is also made by a side that don't play in numbers. Usually we top population on the first 24 hours of a opening campaign but it looks like a massive boycott was orchestrated before the opening and we even hit 1 AO limit two nights in a row this week during US prime... Fighting with rifles is a challenge, did that so often to clear cps & bunker when drained and I think you are right, automatic guns are rarer in the pool for the allied side this campaign for their reasons.
  7. Funny video - I liked it very much.
  8. I too hate people playing a naive role. Seen so much crying in forums from allied, didn't find yet their best excuse to not show this campaign. Maybe you could en-light us?
  9. The offended allied virgins counter-attack!
  10. Another cut his time this campaign?
  11. Stankyus, note this one. Brave to insults people in forums but cut his time playing.
  12. I agree. The 88's 2019 version became a pale joke from what it was from his old version yearzzzz ago. I'll go cap bunkers instead.
  13. I agree. Only issue with the supplies I see in this campaign.
  14. 29. I killed a smg with a flipped 232 in Dinant this week... oh, that was xohor. Sorry xohor.