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  1. It was a video that I tried to find back... Epic. This defense was insane. All in all, were 2 or 3 during 40 minutes held Herbeumont cps by ourselves. I killed 17 or 18 different axis names trying to capture town. Please note that spawn delay was maxed at 64 seconds. VERY different than 11 seconds.... (sic)
  2. Salute ddz for me! Lol
  3. Great stuff cap! Ill be on too later on
  4. These towns changing hands are very exciting. My thread pinpoints the boringness of turtles gameplay. Check by looking at stats on kills made on webmap since sunday. Never seen them so low. Below 2.5k for each side in 24h. Lol Give 1.36 a chance mon ami. I am still looking for you to help me create panic with me in an axis bunker near us soon (c) !!
  5. Totally agreed. I remember you and I on flaming post-2007 ToEs discussions we had over years and I must admit that Im very happy on the evolution you took regarding this. I urge 6tearzzz mentality to end now and welcome 1.36 with best feelings.
  6. Capco please, don’t p00 in my thread.
  7. Being critical is being optimistic to see good things coming in. We all want new players to embrace and sub into this game we cherish. If there is no action between sides cause both turtles all day without capturing a town, how could we attract and keep that younger gamers generation? It's all about giving back some dynamic back to game, encourage people to create things up on map = raise the % of chance to capture a town for attackers then you might find your right answer why people sits on defense right now. I posted some good ideas in a different thread on how we could help people to attack more, to create action on map : double the numbers of AOs outside low pop is easy coding, it's even simpler than starting a campaign at tier3....
  8. Agreed. I might sound discouraged cause im an old style rambo attacker and I feel frankly alone.
  9. Experienced that. It’s already very hard to cap spawn. Lol
  10. Trap style in hockey is boring like in this game. Both sides wait for the other side to make the first error to make a move. Zzzz
  11. Not a single town nor a softcap capped in the last 24 hours. Both sides play the trap. Allied OP last night and I organised para over Grandpré, none came and none drove FMS. Axis turtles all over the place and few axis werein Gent inviting allied turtles to stay there. I doubt it’s the game we want.
  12. Haters gonna hate, always been. I know.
  13. yeah like being able to create UMS, sorry LMS without being HC under the JWBS come-to-an-end-after-13-yearzzz-of-TOEs era.
  14. Lol gj all
  15. In before the lock!