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  1. Stats is life No stats, no life
  2. did we win?
  3. Good potential
  4. outside 3:1 odds yes it so it is
  5. Well done Sniper!
  6. In campaign 169, I heard they were coming at night to softcap the map then they mysteriously all left. How comes?
  7. JWBS has no effect during no-low pop timezone and it surely slows down map movement during high pop
  8. Attrition is better than it was pre 1.36, good job on that. Fighting hours against unlimited pool of supplies combined with JWBS was a turn down. Garrisons ressuply timer would probably force both sides to attempt to counter more and faster if it gets slower. Manual ressuply > JWBS
  9. There are still too much flags. Since we can resup from backlines, I don't see their utility anymore.
  10. hardware xmas patch!
  11. Without hesitation. 1.36 is way more adapted. People argues against 1.36 but they are not even playing it. Funny.
  12. Based on ranks, that would VERY entertaining for everyone to have @Loonie and myself being side cinc for few campaigns.
  13. Defenders still have it too easy right now Zebbee outside no pop where the map moves more within these hours VS any other tz... to name a few turtle incentives : ews, INTEL msgs, white skulls... add to that people with 2nd and 3rd account sitting in CP to cover them. Map is large enough to see towns falling more during high pop.