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  1. I blamed delems too only cause you blamed him first
  2. Out of ammos? Everyone has a knife but I agree for stats maintenance. Anyhow That's a discutable excuse
  3. Chickenning running away from me.
  4. This campaign rocks so far. Few down things : Tiers are too fast. WAY too much armors supplies. Good job CRS!
  5. Thanks Js - I rarely runs out of targets that's for sure and I appreciate the time I spend allied with all the respect towards me . I mostly spent my time being underpop. From the days that US TZ was rolling numbers on us hard with 23rd . After they removed the 1 minute cap timer on cps with our epic 1775th para drops town caps, We couldn't think capping a town underpop with people not getting out of building and/or losing 2 other towns in the process . Hopefully vets of both sides tend to equal side numbers overall . Not CRS task to mitigate this.
  6. 160+ kills attacking in Phil this weekend only in a very limited numbers oh hours. And Delems was turteling from depots. Mirror mirror tell me who is the biggest turtle now.
  7. Too much TOEs stills and too much garisson supplies, WBS has ended. Got 103 kills and 58 kills in Phil yesterday and today and they keep spawning auto's and armors. Insane.
  8. Keep F2P but remove rights to create mission.
  9. I played 10yearzzz+ CQB with [censored] FPS in town. Never been above 20-25fps except during TZ3 when there was no air over town. Also K/D would be higher if you play the overpop side which allied couldn't have more than 2-3 hours a day VS 18-20 for axis a day this campaign.
  10. Don't put oil into the fire pott pott
  11. I feel haters on us.