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  1. That turnaround around Wiltz & Eindhoven, with 8% of supplies due to savage RDP bombing, was pure sax.
  2. I started playing this campaign as axis.
  3. On both sides. Never heard so many. 3x to 4x time more I would say. Probably happening with armors engine as well. See that with a flak30 yesterday in Blitzen, unlimited ammo ftw!
  4. This subject is debatable on impacts for both sides of the fence on these aspects. You have to add other math equations has pop numbers at any given time, % of opposition, team quality & quantity players around you, percentage of turtles vs attackers, supplies favor, time of the day, etc. All in all, that guy that is flying 90 minutes in a bomber might go play single mode. In my book. Thanks for these kind words kil.
  5. Killing 14 enemies in 2 minutes has actually a whooping 0,1% impact on map vs a lone guy flying a bomber to factory without enemy. Laughable.
  6. By place, you mean OT right? Cause we still talking about the game over here.
  7. where are you kgarnerrrrr???
  8. That explained why this campaign took almost 45 days to end... 4AM Kgarner's bangwagon raged during campaign 169 and never (yet) returned
  9. So, did we win?
  10. I like people crossing sides to call me cheater and I hate killing 20 by sortie without seeing a real impact on my enemy auto's supplies.
  11. Somepp
  12. Stay tuned.
  13. A reason why we need more AI AAA pits. Not good for stats.
  14. Elite players should get all HC tools with ability to call .axis and .allied without being enforced into the orbat. Discuss.