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  1. It's like saying that JWBS serves no interest to defenders to stop being rolled during low pop. There is no equivalence between both ; one brings stealth, JWBS brings infinite supplies.
  2. Only few can do and this is why it's gamey.
  3. As the campaign goes, add % penalty based on % TOM disparities.
  4. Give ability to everyone to walkable frus, not only HC.
  5. is that stats page?
  6. Try "turtle". It should pass.
  7. Fixed.
  8. SD penalty based on % TOM throughout campaign So even if you are underpop with 15% TOM advantage over a campaign, you get spawn delay
  9. If people just can't balance numbers during no pop, just disable capture until they grow up enough and realise that capping 10 towns a night hurts overall everything in this game.
  10. I too heard that in 2009!
  11. 7 towns in 7 hours. Wished we could have that kind of activity during high pop.
  12. Défendez ce batiment PIC Sous le drapeau tricolore, ne laissez pas les ennemis le capturer
  13. Not over my dead TOEs.
  14. Remove the skulls for everyone above greentags first then we can start talking about adding more sheeps.
  15. Everyone wins then?
  16. Let's go gents, put AIs everywhere! At this point we still call it a multiplayer game . This whole idea to me is that people trying to find ways to cover their lazyness with AI doing basic stuff that is part of the essence of a multiplayer game. By dirty jobs I meant 'go inside, cap and recap'. Yes you can die a lot but you kill a lot too. You don't need to defend it for hours, like a golden turtle, you better go on attack and cap one.
  17. Wait, we already have an area capture which is the room of AB radio and inside CPs ; please CRS don't waste your precious time on people that won't spend time doing the dirty jobs and cap organically stuff.
  18. Hopefully area captures will never exist.
  19. Did we win yet?
  20. Did we win yet?
  21. A bit too fast yeah. I agree. Doesnt leave a chance for counter attacking much.
  22. Once again, TZ3 dictates the campaign outcomes. Been that for 80-85% of the time since 2005. "They come at night to cap the map." (c) The biggest moves on map - this one isn't different than the last one - are made in this TZ. Why can't we just balance numbers in that particular TZ? I don't know. One bench side hides while the opposite one shows up.
  23. This on top but just under unregistered foot steps please thx 6yearzz.