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  1. Well done everyone and thanks for this recognition. AHC always been better in this recognizing key players that makes the difference in the battlefield.
  2. That's gold in bar. Usually they cross sides and call me a cheater and they wonder why CRS hasn't banned me yet. My answer is simple : just get better kid .
  3. congrats pott pott and oz! the future of the game is now assured once again!
  4. Just watch me in this one
  5. Imagine, we had to fight them with no sappers and never a stuka would have been able to bomb one.
  6. Can you try to run it under another user profile?
  7. Fought matties for years, been there, done that and will do again, we won and continue to win our shares of campaigns. That new excuse sounds like a poor little pink millenial bunny that just gets denied for his first time ever.
  8. One side benches and hides waiting for next campaign, the other's side bench are fully invested in game. I doubt flaming weapons will change anything there.
  9. I predict that the first side that caps 8 towns during a no pop night wins the campaign. Did I win?
  10. This kind of behaviours are unacceptable. Luckily for them they never did that to me. On behalf of these morons, I am very sad this happened to you and I apologize for their stupidity.
  11. Seen that as allied last january to may during TZ3. Cycle of sucks. One bench is empty, the other one is full.
  12. When capco is not playing, we lose.
  13. Create your own Leadership with stats
  14. Post less, kill more
  15. Can we get it back please? Some emo-ego forgets how to get screwed by my legendary persona over time.
  16. My top 5 kills Cabby 229 182 1.26 Skee53 232 175 1.33 Impact 287 141 2.04 Etester 329 128 2.57 Dilbert1 615 146 4.21 My top 5 deaths Xohorvath 170 264 0.64 Binky 196 200 0.98 Catfive 168 188 0.89 Cabby 229 182 1.26 Canukplf 112 178 0.63
  17. This game needs more fog of war. If it was me, I would remove EWS / AWS and white skulls.
  18. Poor turtles FMS limits are great like they are Just stop feed the chronic turtles
  19. No. 88 can't cap nor armors. seriouslY Paks36 & 38 already do the job since FPA can ride opels. I drove 88s out of abs numerous times in the past asking target channel for customers.
  20. Grats icarus well done
  21. I so missed my good old opponent friend!
  22. Please tell us more Act outside the box, they look too silent
  23. If you want bigger stats Sub now!
  24. Quebequers sarcasm.