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  1. Sorry to tell you this directly but Santa Claus never existed.
  2. I have a surprise when I return cause I have few days off so I could play low pop either to pad my stats against 1:4 odds or help allied to win campaign in 10 days, again Hopefully kgarner and family will be back I prefer the first scenario
  3. Turtles never won a single campaign. You are right ian77!
  4. Did we win?
  5. Keep these stats threads up!
  6. That are stats I like
  7. Solide!
  8. Words of the day. AEF is a great bunches of vets and it is fun to run with.
  9. welcome to the stats club dan! grats Dan, is jsilec your 100,000th kill? Just want to know.. in case...
  10. Turtles too have feelings but I don't care.
  11. He is bed sorry
  12. I am stats and I predict allied.
  13. Met him few times in game. I'm sad. Mes plus sincères condoléances à sa famille, ses amis et ses amis virtuels.
  14. I imagine. Infinite local supplies do that combined with a no-penalty-fear of death.
  15. When it's too easy I slack. People says either too many matties or tigers for a long time... I say too much automatic and semi-automatics! lol We seen many axis coming allied as we seen many allied playing axis before that campaign Then we seen allied bench out like we've seen axis bench warmed up in this one The majority won't play underpop, they will await on the side and log into game when their side has numbers otherwise they hide themselves out until the next one It's a game of numbers heh nothing has changed
  16. Did we win? It was a walk in the park A pity win Last few days were fun, hardcore axis held last pocket with energy.
  17. Oh yeah and I forgot that HT can now build FMS... I would have sold my soul to Belzebuth if I had that priviliege fight 23rd with 1775th in those times lol
  18. At least you can share your hate for FREE.
  19. We had CAS allied monkeys on deck all the time straffing us, we had no 88s extra shields and 2nd alt account was rarer than pope shhit. Again stop whining.
  20. Fought allied US prime underpop for more than a decade with 1775rdf-BK and we won our shares of campaigns by responding to EWS by towing 88s of our friends out of AB or from rear town. Stop whining.
  21. Hehe Elfin i can't remember mon chum, i rarely drive these brown thing
  22. I was just been called a cheater by a side jumper whose I played for his side for years, I am a bit shaky and emotive tonight. Sorry.
  23. Awww Pete, you know I admire your work and your person but this was unnecessary.