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  1. Had that issue with win10 - had to run it as admin.
  2. I probably misread it sorry. I too bought HP Omen similar machine than you and run game on WiFi without any issues, plain white too. I can ensure you this is not hardware . Is there a firewall or antivirus sniffing your data in and out? Can you disable them a minute ow two? Do you run ww2 as admin?
  3. Check if your WiFi signal give you a plain white line.
  4. You were my 100Kth kill, this is glorieux, stop beind sad.
  5. Skills and stats.
  6. Some people tends to avoid campaign when they underpop, losing a lot of towns, cause it's harder and die a lot ; the best players don't.
  7. Just check Hall of Fame players rankings and don't poison my beloved thread you slackers!! But you can keep crossing side and say me hi in private, share the love that you have for me and how much I miss you.
  8. Instead of whining from above your free account, maybe you should contribute for these lack of resources?
  9. It worked here. Finished top allied killers last 2 campaigns.
  10. Good job CRS
  11. Nothing has changed from previous 150 campaigns. It's cyclic and happened on both sides : numbers attracts numbers, the opposite doesn't.
  12. Underpop 20 hours a day in average At least it makes more targets to shoot at! Campaign lasts longer than I thought.
  13. Bring back the allied benchers... oups, wrong thread!
  14. Can we add this to drop down please? This will truly measure what are the players that represents the biggest assets for their side when they are online. It should even get just below Top Killers.
  15. To keep my stats high. Because they have to spend 2x, 3x or even 4x more time than me playing to get the same amount of kills.
  16. George Washington is a good example. Simple soldier in 1754. He was ranked General in the US Revolutionary army in 1775.
  17. In all ages, best soldiers (see stats) were promoted to HC by procuration. I want my FMS ability.
  18. Stats are universal, it's quantum physics so stats is life.
  19. I wish I could, vets are blatenly missing on this side. I missed the rage quit call by a campaign or two.
  20. Like my stats and my skills.
  21. Being underpop 90% of the time everyday past 26 days, yes it is for a whole side. Edit : I blame capco to be absent from game. Signed, top allied killer.
  22. Good points. I witnessed it a lot over here as well and I have been very vocal as well on channels about it. People chase EFMS out of town when enemies are spawning inside town. It's like cleaning your bedroom while there are pigs living in your kitchen.
  23. I blamed delems too only cause you blamed him first
  24. Indeed!