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  1. +1 This is historical. This thread is now over. I'm closing this.
  2. I have a simple hint for you : you can play for free.
  3. With the ability to bomb FMS now, I think his adding his valuable.
  4. You missed my point. This is tier0 : 14 A13 would be fine but 14 matties? This is just insane. Hopefully with 1.36 we will not see that anymore.
  5. If allied had these much matties in 1940, they would have won the war in 1941....
  6. We all imagine the 6yearzzz drama lol
  7. My maths on this subject would penalize overpop side people riding armor or flying planes cause their cost value exceed that little rifle. Max SD would be 60 seconds.
  8. I turned maps momentum by capping bunkers on key towns while being largely underpop for weeks. Unfortunately, turning maps nowadays it’s difficult mainly for two reasons : overpop side has only 11 SD FRU disappearance
  9. Permits FRU for ML again with rifles only. Good compromise.
  10. Indeed. This is funny and sad at once.
  11. Tier0 is the best tier. Raw skills prime with good attrition. My favorite.
  12. Didnt see the difference seriously, I would say no
  13. HC and ML uniforms.
  14. Most tanks are used to camp spawnables like it is during intermissions? No thank you.