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  1. Axis can hardly cap one outside white night walkers no pop zone, what is the issue?
  2. I thought it was a lifetime free sub once you get the donut, my bad.
  3. 1775th RDF ftw! Long time no see shaw, nice to see you around!
  4. With 0 sorties this campaign. Ok but I will have to kill you after.
  5. 149 kills in Buzancy in an hour. Lot of fun. Great show! Benchers, are going to log an play? (of course, outside no pop-against-only-ai?)
  6. Said the guy that has only 1 capture in 749 minutes of play lol
  7. They lucky that they have smgs...
  8. Please remove my debts CRS
  9. Kgarner knows when to not play infantry. Wiseman. We need these over here.
  10. I would give axis award recognition to #kgarner for being top killer this campaign. it’s important to award people that pads stats on other side.
  11. No more softcap No more JWBS No more unlimited flags stacks pilling No more people yelling and crying to HC on channels asking to move new supplies in It's a win.
  12. Post of the day.
  13. Played an hour, exciting. Lot of skirmishes, if you rifle few lmgs, you win. If you smg 26 eis in a single sortie and one on your teammate snipes 30 of them, your sorties mean something again.... I feel that I look 12 yearzzz younger tonight. Even my toes look more beautiful than ever. How yours?
  14. If it works for him, do you think that might be added to my stats as a success mission? Thks stats are life