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  1. Calculated by the server : how long EI survive after spawning, this is something interesting.
  2. City CP is for tourists only.
  3. I can only talk for myself. New generation of players wants rapid action, in town and have a chance to fight outside overwhelming numbers odds against them. It was fun for me while I was a greentag. CQB jiggles with SMG is tweaky - when you are lucky enough hear these ei steps sound in bunker running his life to clear bunker - with a rifle, you uses your nades and you need that perfect hit. I think there is a market and removing tiers progression isn't my cup of tea at all. I know vets bunch that prefers first tiers over the late ones and vice-versa. There is a lot to work on to retain new players. Mine is : numbers, numbers and numbers, fix enter world button, fix these nasty unheard steps bug and these long due time bugs that cold off players. On a happy note, with FTP back, it should gonna help to retain more due to numbers ++.
  4. Tier0 rocks, no infinite supplies of automatics weapons
  5. Regular schilde ciney jodoigne charleville tienen bouillon haybes andenne lier orval ————————- pentagon leuven diest givet kalmthout wavre st-niklaas beauraing boom etain lechesne
  6. Two-class AIs.. no, I disagree.
  7. really? axis TOM is higher than allied TOM this campaign, this is not over - besides no more 4:1 odds for axis during no pop rolling 10 towns a night there is a plenty of chances to win for axis still - please don't rage yet
  8. Exactly. You won't see 2:1 and above for hours outside TZ3 crushing the gameplay of the vast majority of players.
  9. Definitely a must add.
  10. My ping in game is always around 35 but I know how exactly you can feel if I was you and mon cul was getting pwnt and your only stress relief would be to dot report me.
  11. That's why we have to remove the white skulls from map subito presto.
  12. Got one recently using his 2nd account spying, spawning in game world and despawning in 10 secs to see where people were located on defense, reported it.
  13. Ouii good old' oi days pott pott! Save the sapper! Save the sapper rifle!
  14. Fog of war : Remove the white skulls. Anyway people keeps running in them to get killed.
  15. Don't search elsewhere and too far, losing Antwerp area with less than 8 deaths and 20 deaths for both aren't helping to get numbers on.