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  1. Since the taste of the month is on restrictions, maybe we could ask allied to restrict their time hanging in forums and invite them for something more productive like log and play in campaign instead? Imagine now, they would overpop all day After all they are the first to whine that they are always underpop.
  2. To hell with restrictions on the LMG ; let's talk about additions now. Let's talk about the best infantry unit in game, the sapper. I propose to give him back his 4 HEATS satchels round and his rifle.
  3. I was saying exactly the same thing in game yesterday on side channel, can I get back my Copyright?
  4. So it gives more than 75% YES. I hesitated between 1 & 3 but I voted 3 for that reason : the number of sappers available is below the number of armors available in infantry brigade which has no sense to me.
  5. I like the new supplies and I can't wait for 1.36 which I subbed back for a year few weeks ago mostly for.
  6. +1 This is historical. This thread is now over. I'm closing this.
  7. I have a simple hint for you : you can play for free.
  8. With the ability to bomb FMS now, I think his adding his valuable.
  9. You missed my point. This is tier0 : 14 A13 would be fine but 14 matties? This is just insane. Hopefully with 1.36 we will not see that anymore.
  10. If allied had these much matties in 1940, they would have won the war in 1941....
  11. We all imagine the 6yearzzz drama lol
  12. My maths on this subject would penalize overpop side people riding armor or flying planes cause their cost value exceed that little rifle. Max SD would be 60 seconds.
  13. I turned maps momentum by capping bunkers on key towns while being largely underpop for weeks. Unfortunately, turning maps nowadays it’s difficult mainly for two reasons : overpop side has only 11 SD FRU disappearance
  14. Permits FRU for ML again with rifles only. Good compromise.
  15. Indeed. This is funny and sad at once.
  16. Tier0 is the best tier. Raw skills prime with good attrition. My favorite.
  17. Didnt see the difference seriously, I would say no
  18. HC and ML uniforms.
  19. Most tanks are used to camp spawnables like it is during intermissions? No thank you.
  20. Save the sapper and... Too many tanks in INF brigade
  21. I vote yes nor limited to HC and it should be a FMS PPO object, not few boxes crates.
  22. Good things then. And that return us to the false fact that tanks can go countryside without any infantry support. That kind of excursion never happened cause they were simply too easy to trap, read sap.
  23. Only 10 sappers with only 2 HEAT charges to sap orgy of matties. This is not historical . Just get infantry cover which is historical.
  24. So you gave me reason. Merci. So now, how would do explain us how CRS should now adjust themselves if you just whine your souls and boycott your play time in this one? Well I wished I had more opposition, yes but got 1.7 kills in 50 hours of play which isnt bad against orgies of insane matties but we can’t force you to play heh : adapt and overcome like we axis did last campaign holding Essen area for two weeks with almost only rifles. We lost it but at least we were brave enough TO LOG, to give a good fight until the end abd weren’t talking about how next campaign would be, etc . Now stop asking what CRS can do for you, we already have a campaign going that is far from over for allied - and I salute those ones fighting hard since day 0 - and go play.