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  1. Fog of war : Remove the white skulls. Anyway people keeps running in them to get killed.
  2. Don't search elsewhere and too far, losing Antwerp area with less than 8 deaths and 20 deaths for both aren't helping to get numbers on.
  3. Nope. Not me. Many others but not me. Give us a rifle and I'll clean your stats.
  4. I would like to see polls results posted here for us, customers, for better transparency.
  5. I want more people to shoot at and more tourists to yell at.
  6. Can I pay with stats?
  7. Agreed. Spread buildings in little post-built medieval towns are non-historical.
  8. You are right. Underpop or overpop, you pad my stats quite good. Continue your good work.
  9. Seen quite few names going for the overpop creating larger pop imbalance.
  10. Results and transparency please.
  11. D. Too many tanks (with JWBS or full flags pillings) that serves to camp spawns.
  12. Jesus Warping Brigade System (c)
  13. It's like saying that JWBS serves no interest to defenders to stop being rolled during low pop. There is no equivalence between both ; one brings stealth, JWBS brings infinite supplies.
  14. Only few can do and this is why it's gamey.
  15. As the campaign goes, add % penalty based on % TOM disparities.
  16. Give ability to everyone to walkable frus, not only HC.
  17. is that stats page?
  18. Try "turtle". It should pass.
  19. Fixed.
  20. SD penalty based on % TOM throughout campaign So even if you are underpop with 15% TOM advantage over a campaign, you get spawn delay
  21. If people just can't balance numbers during no pop, just disable capture until they grow up enough and realise that capping 10 towns a night hurts overall everything in this game.
  22. I too heard that in 2009!
  23. 7 towns in 7 hours. Wished we could have that kind of activity during high pop.
  24. Défendez ce batiment PIC Sous le drapeau tricolore, ne laissez pas les ennemis le capturer