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  1. Options are if its YOUR shot: -you hit in way it didn't kill it, to part of target that has no damage model or just wounded target. -packet including data was lost on way from you to server due connection/your clients hickup or server overflow -result package was lost or ignored by target client due hickup. -you found stat padder who pulled plug on first instance of danger -you found rat/GM who forgot to disable rat powers after some issue he handled... Been on receiving end on such issue couple times and seen it happen too to friendly alongside
  2. Actually, projectile hit and damage(joules with angular data) are calculated on your computer side, sent to server wich sends result package to other client. Otherwise any damage and hit data would be just guesswork with latency included to mix. If you cant see hit, or object to hit, no damage will be delivered. Also your client sends to server all movement and action data with occasional coordinates of your location, wich then sends 'em forward to ones in vinicity of your location and within visual limit formula. Although with current population last time i checked hitting it is very unlikely during tz3 or 1. Hopefully that helped.
  3. Forums seem to work, game is getting quirkier and worse.
  4. Just had to renew sub to reply... Good to hear youre still alive and feeling better.
  5. Well, on some cases scars improve looks and youre going to save on barber bills for while Goo(d/f) Luck m8, and be good boy and do what REAL docs say, really.
  6. And what is Jollier than being Air reserve officer and getting bad balance roll map to your hands? Rootcare without numbing is pleasure combined to that
  7. This seems to be time for deepest condo...cough..Congratulations. Keep up good work and dont start goofing with writing... before its over
  8. Anyone else having problems with new forums. Crashing firefox on this end occasionally... in addition of them being bulky, horrondous to read and navigate and with lack of available skins to make them even slightly attractive?
  9. When was using it felt like anywhere at 180 degree radius towards it Muzzlebrake and from sides inner half of barrel. Also mantlet hits to right side of barrel seemed to work when was doing more atg stuff when we still had UMS
  10. TIR is for knewbs.. and those hats make u look funny. Very useful if you can get used to it. Not my cup of tea on my normal flying condition...
  11. As Capco stated it, only tool that is available atm. Truly hope theres better mechanism in works but meanwhile: That 30 seconds is way too low, should be lot higher to make true effect with really steep curve after 1.5:1 ratio to encourage numberwise fair gameplay. If you constantly play with 3:1 odds it takes fun away unless you like clubbing baby seals... It also should take count on locational numbers, type of spawned equipment, kills made and what those killed unit operators do next... respawn or log off and really punish fixed spawn camping with overpop
  12. It has been darker and it caused lot of ppl to log off... Back then when numbers in game were counted in hundreds it was just annoying. With current numbers being in dozens annoying people to log off wont do any good for game. Also keep in mind there is still double night bug in game.
  13. Just make sure u got drivers avail for all progs u r runnin... I personally hate win8 though, all show and clunky, different, interface
  14. To be on safe side, you might want to have bit reserve on power supply size and go slightly up... lack of power and fluctuating supply due that is something that shortens component life and system reliability very fast. Just like in car audio there are watts and ILS watts, latters being If Lightning Strikes...
  15. And again... targets hit die / take damage after several seconds.