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  1. Get a better power supply, perferably the Antec Signature 850, or a larger Corsair (900W+). Also might want to pick up a 300mb WD Velociraptor instead of the 1TB, until SSD are actually realistically priced, still the best bet...
  2. Tough call. I do know AMD's next chipset (winter 2010, spring 2011, and probably a server focused one) will be quad channel so DDR4. So I'd assuem you have to late 2011, 2012 b4 you need to worry about DDR4.
  3. The 1366 is still their "high-end" platform. The new 6-core gulftowns will only be 1366. I have heard it refer'd to as the "extreme edition" platform. Definetly the wayt to go if you have to cash.
  4. Honestly I would wait to see if they make an affordable 300 series b4 buying any new graphics card, all the new stuff coming out NOW from ATI, and in 2 months from NVIDIA is all the dx 11 cards, not only for win7, but for tesselation and other cool candy items (in other games). If you're ONLY playing BGE a 260 is okay, if you play other games, wait, definetly wait...
  5. Don't forget that 2nd 285! SLI rulez! and it's funny I'm running the same thing except my 920 is at 3.66, and using XFX 285's.
  6. Yeah if you'll go refurbed... the motherload (and I may be buying this withing the next hour).
  7. I personally would get that 4870x2 version that Indo posted, but if I had to go cheaper I found a few I'd buy, that'd play the game acceptably.
  8. Does 182.50 work for you? I get rendering errors eveyrwhere, let alone AA& AF with it, I have to use 182.08 as the newest... (I run SLI'd 285's)
  9. You're either forcing anti-alisasing or filtering in the card (nvidia or catalyst) settings. This will crash you everytime you try to enter. That's my guess
  10. I'd also go into the bios and make sure you're motherboard audio is disabled, and check to make sure it's drivers are uninstalled to.
  11. hmm. I think you either have an OS or BGE install problem. I've run both that Asus D2 and a Azuntech Prelude with no problems whatsoever.
  12. hmm I've run Vista 64 for over a year and the only time I had BGE crashes was when my video card setting where a bit off. Make sure if you're overlocking your vid it's actually stable, make sure AA and AF are both application controlled, if you try to vid control these it WILL crash, alot.
  13. Yeah if all your playing is this you don't need much at all. If you're not playing ETW, Farcy 2, SC at max eye candy you don't need much effort nowdays. As for PS it's the Corsair HX seres that is their really good ones, that seems like one of their low-end lines? A great place to go to when PS shopping is . Check through some PS their and how they actually performed. If you ever want validation on not buying a cheap/generic power supply check one of the reviews where he buys 5 cheap ones.. Epic. oh btw on the heatsink/fans the newer standard for performance has the heat pipes themselves touching the chip spreader, instead of block between pipes and the spreader. The Sunbeam and the Xigametks constantly come out the best, a great cooler review site.. like JG through reviews with alot of data
  14. Well I'd never in a million years recommend someone build a new dual core machine if you're into gaming, so if you don't mind overclocking (which is easy with this processor, hundreds of artilces on it). CPU: Cooler: In that price range you could also switch to a P2 940 (also easily overclocked) and smoke E8500, though you'd have to hunt down a new MB to, but 790gx are in that range.
  15. Yeah my media pc has a 4850 with an hdmi port standard, so I don't use any adapters or have any dectection problems. Wit the 790GX mb a DVI->HDMI connector also worked fine w/o issue. The only quirk was making sure the tv was on b4 you started the computer or you could end up with "no signal detected". Um I don't want to start any flame wars but you might want to look at samsung or panasonic first. Sony panels are pretty pedestrian by lcd standards...