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  1. Wonder if this has anything to do with the ATI 10.7 drivers? I started getting lock-ups after I upgraded the driver. Never seen it before.
  2. Is your harddrive running in its fastest possible mode eg UDMA100/133? If the harddrive has been set to a slow transfer mode it will drastically increase load and spawn times and cause stuttering in game. Having only 512MB RAM will also add to load/spawn times.
  3. Tried alt-tabbing until the screen stops flickering? I heard that will help.
  4. Not sure about that. You could wait for someone more knowledgable to reply here or email and explain your problem.
  5. It is. Don't forget to ask any questions you have on the help channel, or here in the forum. Have fun! EDIT: Did you get your mail yet? Shouldn't take many minutes if it worked. Check your spam folder just in case.
  6. Only thing you should do with that system is upgrade your video card and you'll be fine and dandy.
  7. Just right-click on your desktop and select Nvidia display -> Performance & Quality Settings -> Antialiasing setting 2x (or whatever you like, I use 4x) and Anisotropic filtering 2x (or whatever you like, I use 8x). This will override anything you choose in the Settings.exe.
  8. We should put this in a FAQ thread or something.
  9. Until there are significant performance improvements (in the supported games to begin with, been very poor results so far) with the new hardware I don't think it even warrants a look to be incorporated into this game.
  10. The beta drivers are now official. No new beta drivers listed on the Nvidia site.
  11. Had the same issue. Use Drivercleaner to get rid of old video drivers and reinstall them solved it for me. I have almost the same specs.