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  1. Learn2fly
  2. i can bbye a good pilo sometim esi evn kill rareibbut happens
  3. Completely? If so thats the best news I have heard in a while.
  4. The difference between a chump and a champ is u.
  5. Damn northerners always segregatin us southerners, whys it gotta be in the north!!1
  6. This thread is almost as awesome as us beating Alabama. Still top notch. +5
  7. Hence why I never drive those POS.
  8. lol, That was my first thought... Driving my opel straight, then blacking out before I set up. Thats been here foreverrrrr!
  9. I agree with this statement. Fail troll is fail!
  10. Had it also. Was a sniper at Remagen FB, concussion bug ended up coming and going for over 2 hours. Was quite sickening to say the least.
  11. Entiendo 100%. Ha tratado de correo electronico? La mayoria de ellos hablan Ingles, pero su traductor de las buenas obras. Puedo escribir demasiado, si lo desea. Buena suerte, companero!
  12. No es un problema. Tengo piezas de computadoras en todas partes, lol. Si necesitas algo, hagamelo saber! Espero que todo esta bien!
  13. Por desgracia, su equipo es lento. Hay muchos con ese problema. Espero que retrasar el parche tambien(mal espanol ). Que partes de la CPU necesita? Puedo ayudar. Espero verte en 1.31! Ciao!