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  1. Bump to the top!
  2. Top bump!
  3. !S Iron, There ain't many of us around anymore. Pretty much me, Moxin, and the occasional brother Creed along with a handful of others. Good to see an old face, hope all is well bud!
  4. !S, Saw Durham and ran for the hills (UNC-CH grad). Gooo Braves, used to live out there near Pembroke! Apologize to the fullest heh, lived in Durham myself and noticed a lot of ermm, Dukeys . I'm in Asheville now, dang hippies!! /bump for 23rd!
  5. I smell a Duke fan!!! Bump for 23rd!
  6. I'll miss the Aardvark. Hell of a plane!
  7. Signing up as naval. !S
  8. Had this happen at my old casa on the ground as inf. Moved again, better connection and no problems since.
  9. I have read in the past that USBs can in fact lower your FPS. Dunno why though (know nothing of computers), but read it and was told multiple times.
  10. True, but that doesn't mean the person behind the rifle is. Plus it could be epic, lol.
  11. !S werwolf, I believe it was in one of the newsletters, not really sure (didn't notice till I read the forums also). Had some good times bro, sucks to see all these 01ers leavin but I completely understand. Keep in touch, us North Carolinians can go catch a brew sometime. tantc@aol.com
  12. But its the cool new fad, everyones doing it!