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  1. No reply so far. I have written on these forums, sent a support ticket, and also an e-mail. What is the average response time to these suppport channels?
  2. Thanks, I will send that e-mail.
  3. Hi, I have bee playing this morning without any problem until my internet connection failed. I stopped playing for 2 hours and then when I tried to connect, my game said "you have been expelled for xxxx seconds" (around 10 days). I haven't done anything against the rules of this game, so I don't know why this is happening to me. I have played with this same account for more than 3 years now without any single incident. I am sure this must be a mistake, please try to correct this as soon as you can, I want to play this weekend. I love this game. Thanks.
  4. !S I just joined this unit, I believe they are the most organized, friendly and effective group of soldiers in this game.
  5. I am trying to access to my stats, or join a squad. However, in this screen: http://services.wwiionline.org/admin/services.pcp I am not able to log in. I have used my password to renew my subscription and it worked just fine, but when I enter the same information at that screen it just won't work.